Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vid Of The Day: Derp Hard (Die Hard with bloopers trailer)

Good stuff.

24 WTF? Christmas Tree Ornaments Of The Day

Who comes up with this shit?

Army fetus

Lil' Wayne?

Balding Blackula


Dead Santa

Farting butts

Eye booger?

Heartballs. "Turn on your heartballs/Let 'em shine wherever you go."

Deer got your cheer right here

Jersey Shore. Is that even a thing anymore?

Jesus stuck in the chimney

Merman/fireman, here to get Jesus out of the chimney.

Anatomically correct nudists who lift weights?


Santa's brain (complete with stem)

Here comes Santa Claus!

Whatever the fuck this is. Looks like a cross between Curly from The Three Stooges and  Mr. Roper from "Three's Company"

"I hope these are new socks!"

Pooh in a bikini


Embryo wrapped in bacon

Zombie mistle-toe.

And one I want on my tree:

The Dude abides Christmas.

News: Sears Admits In Commercial That People Only Come There To Park

I can't decide if this is brilliant or pathetic.

Sears was the first store charge card I ever got. I was in college. Why Sears? Because the other stores (Macy's, Rich's, JC Penney) turned me down. I had a $50 limit. The first thing I bought was one of those fuzzy three-piece bathroom sets -- toilet lid cover, tank cover, and rug -- for my apartment. I didn't want it but my sister insisted it was the classy way to go. I used the rest of my limit to buy a broom, trash can, and two LPs: Missing Persons ("Spring Session M") and The Motels ("All Four One").

From Consumerist.
Sears: People Only Come To Our Stores To Park

This holiday season, Best Buy is embracing their reputation as America’s Amazon showroom in their marketing. It’s not clear yet how well this strategy is working, but another retailer has an ad campaign based on the same concept: embracing and turning around what consumers make fun of them for.

A commercial for Sears that’s currently on the air takes a perceived weakness (Sears has vast, empty parking lots) and turns it into a selling point. Kind of.

In the Sears spot, two young women on their way to a mall to see a movie park at Sears, because “there’s always parking at Sears!” Ha ha! Their stores are abandoned!

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