Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vid Of The Day: The Talking Boat

I laughed. C'mon, watch it, it's only 17 seconds long.

News: Police Called To Home To Break Up Family Fight Over Decorating Of Christmas Tree

Sounds like an episode of "Mama's Family." From The Smoking Gun.
Police Called To Home To Break Up Family Fight Over Decorating Of Christmas Tree

December 10, 2013

Police were called last night to a South Carolina residence to break up a fight between relatives who pushed and yelled at each other over the decorating of the family’s Christmas tree.

According to a sheriff’s report, the fight began around 10:30 PM and involved three women who live together at the Spartanburg home.

The dispute between the women--aged, 76, 61, and 24--was triggered “due to the Christmas tree being decorated by 2 of the females while the other female was at work.”

A male relative, 41, subsequently “arrived at the residence to try and calm the three females down but was unsuccessful.”

When questioned by a sheriff’s deputy, all four family members “admitted to pushing each other and getting in their faces.”

While nobody was injured during the fracas, medical personnel were summoned to examine the 76-year-old combatant since she was “concerned about her blood pressure.”

Since no member of the quarreling quartet wanted to press charges, arrests were not made.

The relatives, who stressed that their emotions “had gotten the better of them,” were “apologizing to each other” and “making amends with each other” when a deputy departed the home around 1:30 AM today.

18 Random Funny Animated GIFs From My Personal Collection (Of The Day)

What can I say, I'm a fan.

And here are two (1, 2) amusing but NSFW ones.

Sesame Street Disorders Of The Day

From The Meta Picture.


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