Monday, November 25, 2013

TV Characters Who Never Change Clothes And Why (Of The Day)

They forgot Caillou's mother. She wore the same red blouse in every episode. I kept hoping she would take it off and stuff it in Caillou's whiny mouth.

From EW.

He awoke from a 200-year nap and his colonial threads still fit great. But fans are already asking if Ichabod is ever going to change into something a bit more 21st century — or even 19th century. Ichabod is impressed by donuts and hair dryers, why not blow his mind with a pair of comfy Lucky Brand jeans?

Serial killer Red John’s most evil act? Convincing Patrick Jane he can never wear a T-shirt. Creator Bruno Heller once told me that Jane is so haunted by the death of his wife and daughter that he remains stuck in that moment and therefore keeps wearing the same suit from his psychic-charlatan days (there are actually two that look similar; both shades of blue, bringing out Simon Baker’s eyes). The suits are also intended to suggest a magician, with little pockets to hide things.

The other main characters in Westeros have had opportunities to evolve their look at some point. But Arya has worn the same tunic and pants since the beginning of season 1 (though she has vest-like outer-garments that change). Given her personality and hellish storyline, viewers accept that Arya hasn’t had the desire and opportunity to get a makeover.

Characters on AMC’s zombie drama have uniquely specific outfits, but do evolve if they survive long enough. For instance, Dale wore that sweaty undershirt and floppy hat for his two seasons, yet Daryl got a new black shirt for the season 4 premiere (and briefly had a poncho period that is best forgotten). “It’s all about priorities in our apocalyptic world; changing clothing is not the main focus,” costume designer Eulyn Womble tells us.

Dex always wore the same American Apparel army-green henley-style shirt when he stalked and killed his victims. He apparently never once got a drop of incriminating blood on his shirt and had to ditch it. Or maybe his closet is stuffed with these shirts? The show’s costume designer explained Dex’s shirt and cargo pants are like his Batman-style super-hero costume.

The Doctor has a major makeover every time a new actor steps into the role. But during each Doctor’s tenure, they will only have minor outfit variations. Executive producer Steven Moffat says, “You find a look that makes that actor feel like the Doctor and you sort of cling to it. You cling to it probably slightly childishly. And you don’t vary it. You have a magic moment where having had this young Matt Smith try on lots of costumes suddenly the Doctor’s looking back at you. And you sort of think, ‘That’s what he’d wear.’ And you don’t quite believe anything else.”

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