Wednesday, May 15, 2013

News: Dude With Knit Hat At Party Calls Beer ‘Libations’

From The Onion.
Dude With Knit Hat At Party Calls Beer ‘Libations’

PROVIDENCE, RI—Sources attending a house party on Governor Street confirmed that the dude with the knit hat has been referring to the supply of beer as “libations” throughout the night. 

“The night is young, my friends—enough libations for everyone,” said the guy whose sideburns poked out from beneath the wool cap and whose name may have been Jordan or Jay—or possibly Kyle—before raising his red plastic cup to eye level, nodding his head slightly, and urging the assembled partygoers to “imbibe.” 

“We’ve got some fine spirits in the kitchen, too, if anyone’s interested.” 

The dude, who also wore tight brown corduroy pants, then reportedly circulated among the partygoers, describing his recent “unreal” trip to Colorado.

"Parks And Recreation" Cast as Justice League Heroes Of The Day

Why? Because she can. (She = artist Vicky Trochez).

More here.

Buy them here.

Gravity-Free Cover Song Of The Day: Space Oddity

In case you haven't seen this one yet, here's astronaut Chris Hadfield channeling David Bowie aboard the International Space Station. At the end of the year when they do a list of 2013's best videos, this one will be on it.

Nailed It! 11 Animated Gifs of Talent

I always think about the learning curve on stuff like this, and it makes my bones ache.


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