Tuesday, April 23, 2013

News: Teachers banned from using red ink to grade tests because it "upsets kids"

From the Telegraph (UK).
Teachers told they must not use red ink for marking homework in case it upsets pupils

22 April 2013

Teachers at a secondary school in London have been told they must not use red ink when marking homework in case it upsets pupils.

The move was condemned as "political correctness gone wild" and ministers were forced to deny the Government issues guidelines on the colour of teachers' pens.

Tory MP Bob Blackman took his concerns to parliament after a teacher in his Harrow East constituency informed him the secondary school had banned staff from using red ink.

He told
MailOnline: "A teacher contacted me and said I cannot believe I have been instructed by my head to mark children’s homework in particular colours and not to use certain colours.

"It is all about not wanting to discourage youngsters if their work is marked wrong.

"It sounds to me like some petty edict which is nonsense. It is absolutely political correctness gone wild.

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Cat Dressed As A Shark Riding A Roomba While Chasing A Duck Of The Day

Not much else to say, really, except I wish it were longer. Which is also what she said.

Movie Poster Clichés Of The Day

From Demilked, which sounds somehow pornographic but isn't. Click any pic for a larger view.

Two stars back to back

Big face, big font

Sunglasses reflection

Justice is blind

A face from other objects

In bed

Loner from behind with weapon

Through the legs

See more here.

Vents Of The Day

The Vent is a column in the
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (or Urinal-Constipation, as it's called around here) where people can bitch anonymously about stuff. Here are some of the better entries of late. 

I object and take exception to everyone saying that Congress is spending money like a drunken sailor. As a former drunken sailor, I quit when I ran out of money.

Let me get this straight: your kid is in detention for misbehavior, misbehaves while in detention and knocks a teacher's lunch on the floor, and it's "demeaning" that the teacher told him to pick it up?

Why don't we call looting what it really is, stealing?

I heard that many teenage boys in Atlanta had to exchange the pants they got for Christmas because they were the right size.

I think we should require politicians to wear the logos of the companies they get "gifts" from just like NASCAR drivers. That way we could see who owns them.

If a married man's wife doesn't understand him, how can he expect a strange woman he met in a bar to understand him?

Difference between trailer trash and subdivision trash: Subdivision trash has had the tires removed.

If you wake up next to a "really ugly woman" after a night of drink, drugs and wild sex, how do you think YOU look to HER?

Gwinnett county tax payers need to thank the lady who shot the intruder. No trial.

You people can celebrate about falling gas prices if you want, but I will wait until they get well below $3 before I drag out the party hats.

A teacher's job is to TEACH the curriculum to the student. A parent's job is to PARENT the child so they know how to behave and show respect in public!

Please folks, lets go back to "You're Welcome." This "No Problem" society really stinks.

A "la-de-da" lady who I prejudged in the ER waiting room yesterday came up to me (I was alone) and asked if I needed her to take me home that day, or could she go get me some broth because I was so nauseous (sp?). Alas, never judge that book.

The BCS Championship Game is simply the SEC Champion and whomever else gets chosen to take a beating.

I am sick of all this crying for a criminal. Where is the sorrow for the victim? Who is protesting for the victims rights?

I always hated math, I was so intimidated by Algebra but I vowed I was going to 'beat' that fear. I started out with the basics & worked my way up and now at 51 I'm at college level Algebra & getting all A's on my tests! If I can do THAT you all can do anything!

If you don't make enough to make ends meet, maybe you need to move your ends closer together.

Hey Ladies, how about some truth in advertising while you are wearing those shorts with cute sayings like 'juicy' and 'yummy'. Was Wal-Mart out of 'skanky' and 'chubby'?

Moms, wait to buy those prom dresses! See what tattoos you will have to cover up after your daughter returns from Panama City.

Maybe there should be a section on your child's report card where the teacher rates the parents on how well prepared the child is, if the child is dressed for the weather, has school supplies, lunch, and snacks.

Attn. Holiday travelers: There is going to be snow on the road, and airports will be closed every year. NO complaining about being stuck somewhere. Your choice!

Why do Storm Chasers drive their custom equipped vehicles around chasing tornadoes? Why don't they just sit in a trailer and wait for one?

Now let's hear your vent...


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