Monday, February 18, 2013

21 Unfortunately Named Products Of The Day

Unfortunate unless your goal is brand name recall, in which case, congratulations, you nailed it.

Links from Mighty Joe Stankowski.

The sound it makes when you're done with it.

Could be worse. Could be Hotpis.

... ass?

Perfecting the science of gaydar.

Do these taste like something weird?

"Better than nothing." True.

This is what happens when you eat too many meatballs.

Sources: The Sun (Scotland), Smosh, Flickr


Person One Season Ahead In TV Show Doling Out Counsel Like Wise Elder

From The Onion.

Guy One Season Ahead In TV Show Doling Out Counsel Like Wise Elder

PAWTUCKET, RI—Adopting the sagely demeanor of an all-knowing oracle, local man Jacob Rivard, 29, who is a season ahead of friends in his viewing of the television series Breaking Bad, is reportedly conferring advice about the show as if it were the sacred wisdom of ages. 

“Oh, you’re not to that part yet?” the august and enlightened elder said Monday, casting his clairvoyant eye to the future and cryptically alluding to what wonders lie there. 

“Well, just wait for the season-four finale. You have no idea. Everything is about to change, and Walt’s character will—no, I’m not going to say any more. You have to see it for yourself.” 

Sources indicated the learned man then grew reticent, responding to every question with an enigmatic smile and the words “You’ll find out soon enough.”

14 Things I Will Never Do Again (And You Can't Make Me)

Just sayin'.

1. Take a mud bath at Calistoga (or anywhere else).

2. Tell a cop to "fuck off."

3. Help you move.

4. Give money to M. Night Shyamalan, Brian DePalma, Tim Burton, or Al Pacino.

5. Tell my wife she sneezes like a lumberjack, even if I think it will make her laugh.

6. Eat WOW chips (or anything else with olestra).

7. Flip off a truck full of construction workers.

8. Ask someone (a mother-in-law, for example) to stay the rest of the week when I don't really want that person to stay the rest of the week.

9. Give my e-mail address to any website that sells insurance or wants to put me in touch with former schoolmates.

10. Co-author a book.

11. Change a diaper.

12. Go on a cruise with a toddler. Actually, go on a cruise at all.

13. Sleep on the ground.

14. Buy an airplane seat next to the lavatory, even if it's the only seat available and I really need to be on that flight.

I've got more but that's a start. How about you? What's on your list?


15 Hilarious Dog GIFs Of The Day

Go, dog, go. From Buzzfeed.

You made cupcakes? For ME?

I hate cabbage too, dog.

I'm beat. Good night.


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