Thursday, May 31, 2012

Forgotten Crayola Colors Of The Day

From Funny or Die, in case you happened to miss their logo on the pic.

Vid Of The Day: Kung Fu Bear

Bears don't play. They beat ya, then they eat ya.

Link from Dorf.

Geek Girl Panties Of The Day


from CherryPiePunk on Etsy

Firefly character icons from BunnyJump on Etsy

from BunnyJump on Etsy

Dr. Who from xannabotx on Etsy

Mario mushrooms from BunnyJump on Etsy

from Puistore on Etsy

from Periodically Inspired on Etsy

404 thong from wondertwig on Etsy

Pikachu boy shorts from Stitch3d on Etsy

Portal companion cube from BunnyJump on Etsy

Superman comic from BunnyJump on Etsy

Unobtainium boy briefs from UrbanPrey on Etsy

Poorly Placed Ads Of The Day: Watches

FOLOTD Colleen went on a cruise recently and snapped this pic of ads featuring Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio. On a cruise ship.


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