Friday, March 30, 2012

Vid Of The Day: Dog & Elephant

Saw this on TV last night and thought it was cool. It's not new but I had never seen it.

Things Men Love, According To Science (Of The Day)

From The Frisky.


A study conducted at the University of Rochester found that men prefer a lady in red. Just like that cheesy '80s song! Men who looked at pictures of women in red and women in green were drawn to the former. "These findings indicate that color not only has aesthetic value but can carry meaning and impact psychological functioning in subtle, important, and provocative ways," said researchers.


Two studies out of Indiana University found that when men watch sexually attractive female news anchors, they are less likely to remember the news. "Men's cognitive mechanisms favored visual over verbal processing," the study concluded. This may make it very difficult for your dude to stay informed on current events. Best switch him to news radio.


Research has found that pumpkin pie is the scent that most enhances blood flow to the penis. “Throw away the perfume and go get some pumpkin pie,” said Dr. Alan Hirsch of Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Center. More like slather it all over your entire body.


The social network Badoo polled men in the UK and found that the majority of gentlemen prefer brunettes. About 33% said they find women with brown hair the most attractive, while 29% were fans of black hair. Do your math. That's more than 60% of men who dig the dark-haired beauties. Eat that, blondes.

List continues at The Frisky.

Classic Music Vid Of The Day: OEOEO, now...Jerome.

Top 10 Nasty-Ass Candies Of The Day

From Spinderfella and Candy Addict.

White Chocolate Maggots

White chocolate is nasty by itself; shape it like a maggot and you've got a winner. They look more like grubs than maggots--not that it really matters.

Hose Nose

Strap the plastic nose dispenser to your face and catch the oozing candy slime with your tongue, like you used to do when you were three.

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

These aren't as nasty as they sound. They are much, much worse.

Ear Wax Candy

Yes, ear wax candy. It’s a plastic ear filled with a fruity jelly-like candy that resembles ear wax. It even comes with a plastic “swab” to use to dig out the candy. Yum!

Candy Scabs

They come on an adhesive bandage replica that sticks to skin and encloses a candy ‘scab’ for licking so you can keep some candy on you (hidden) for licking any time.

See the rest of them here, but before you go, I'd like to add some to the list. These aren't quite as bad as candy snot and maggots, but they're close.

Circus Peanuts

Who eats these? Nobody, that's who. I wish they were real circus peanuts. I'd love to watch a trainer give these to his elephants and see what happens. I'd take video of it, too, because TruTV pays good money for that kind of carnage.

Zero bar

"Made with caramel, peanut and almond nougat covered with delicious white fudge." What the fuck is a nougat? Looks like a week-old dog turd and probably tastes like one, too.

Necco wafers

Hard, dusty, flavor-challenged discs of pointlessness.

Dubble Bubble

Worst. Bubble. Gum. Ever. Hard as a rock. Tastes like shit. Flavor lasts about 15 seconds if you're lucky. Responsible for almost as much dental work as Sugar Daddy suckers.


A mixture of marshmallow, gelatin and wax shaped into tiny chickens. *gag* I can't even look at these things.

Boston Baked Beans

I used to go to a movie theater that had these as a candy selection. Once I asked a guy behind the counter if anyone ever bought them. He said, and I quote verbatim, "We haven't sold those for years. Nobody ever bought them. I'm not sure why the box is still in there. It might be stuck to the glass."


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