Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guy Who Will Kill You (Of The Day)

And lookie-look what we got here.

Know what I'd love to see? This guy and Dalton go at it.

Effin' Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes Of The Day

From Rachel.

Bette Davis guards the pumpkin patch

Rosemary's baby and his dad

Whaddya mean, "not wearing masks"?

Walter Matthau, a Sand Person and Jigsaw head out for trick-or-treating

The world's first "green" costume, made from recycled aprons and donated pubic hair.

This is what you get for eating hot wings, watching The Shining and listening to Abbey Road right before bed.

Welcome that same old creep you had nightmares about

Do I smell bacon?

Deleted scene from either The Karate Kid or A Clockwork Orange.

On behalf of (clockwise from bottom right) H. H. Holmes, Emmett Kelly, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Moses, Ben Willis, Jigsaw (again), Pancho Villa, Blackbeard, Frank, Harvey and Al Jolson, welcome to Hell.

Pics from Slightly Warped and Huffington Post.

The World's Best/Worst Tourists Of The Day

Don't shoot the messenger. Article from

Given their nation's long reign as the world's most visited country, you'd expect the French to know a thing or two about insufferable tourists. It turns out they do — and are proving it to the rest of the world.

In a poll carried out by online travel site Expedia and released on Thursday, July 9, French tourists were viewed as the orneriest for the third year running. The Expedia poll says French travelers are the biggest skinflints, the worst tippers and the least able or inclined to speak foreign languages.

They also finished next to last in terms of their politeness and behavior. (The worst offenders in both those categories were—wait for it—Americans, who were also designated most likely to complain.)

Even where it did score well in the survey, Team France suffered stinging humiliation. Not only were the French denied the Best Dressed championship by the Italians, for example, but they lost second spot to the Brits — whose fashion sense is usually likened to that of the poll's slob champs, the Yanks.

But this third annual bruising of French pride should be taken with a pinch of salt. There are several aspects of the survey that make its methodology suspect — and results significantly skewed. The poll ranks 27 nations' travelers over nine behavioral categories. But it questioned just 4,500 respondents, all of whom work in hotels around the world. That probably cuts out people who meet less-refined backpacking hostel denizens, campers and legions of Winnebago warriors.

Rankings (best to worst):

1. Japanese
2. British
3. Canadians
4. Germans
5. Swiss
6. Dutch, Australians (tie)
8. Swedish, Americans (tie)
10. Danes, Norwegians, Finnish, Belgians (tie)
14. Austrian, New Zealanders (tie)
16. Thais
17. Portuguese, Czechs (tie)
19. Italians, Irish, Brazilians (tie)
22. Polish, South Africans (tie)
24. Turkish, Greeks (tie)
26. Spanish
27. French

Full article here.

Vid Of The Day: Laughing Maniacally



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