Tuesday, October 18, 2011

News Of The Day: Serial Pooper Caught

I'm about a week behind (pun intended) but they finally pinched this guy. Thanks, Keith and Woodwoman, for the link to the original story. From Huffington Post.

Florida's Alleged Serial Pooper Craps Out

Oct. 12, 2011--They caught him with his pants down.

Police arrested Florida's alleged serial pooper late Saturday night after an approximately month long investigation into repeated incidents of feces left on the steps of a portable school classroom.

Detectives say Kenneth Martin Sorsony is the man who pooped on Ocala's Fort King Middle School property, the Broward-Palm Beach NewTimes reports.

Reports show that Sorsony, 23, first struck on Sept. 14, and after four incidents on the classroom steps -- two of which included notes allegedly left by the suspect -- cops decided to install security cameras.

Sure enough, the pooper returned and officers released a videotape as well as photos of Sorsony doing his business. Cops received two calls regarding the suspect's identity, and eventually tracked down Sorsony.

The Gainesville Sun spoke with Detective Mike Bowman, who said Sarsony told the detective he was the person seen on the surveillance video and said the reason he defecated in front of the classroom was because of “bad spirits.”

Sarsony also stated he “needs help,” Bowman said.

Sorsony is charged with five misdemeanor counts of trespassing on school property.

Vid Of The Day: Double Dream Feet Remix

If you liked Double Dream Hands, you'll love Double Dream Feet--The Remix.

From Stannon.

Dogs In Star Wars Costumes Of The Day

Pets love costumes. Just look at their faces.

From BestWeekEver.

Lots more at BestWeekEver.

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Ass-Kicking Machine

best of craigslist > orange co >


I am looking for candidates to try out my new invention for a carnival. I need people with a good strong butt.

Duties involve sustained blows to the rear by different brands of shoes attached to a rotating ferris wheel device.

This job is not for people that have hemmroids or any other ailments of that nature.
Must be able to pass background, have a clean/perfect DMV and pass a drug test from hair samples.

Basically I'm like any other company, I want that perfect person for a job that any ass can do.

Oh and If you need any remodeling done I have 10+ years experience and my own tools.

Mike *****
San Clemente, Ca


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