Monday, September 12, 2011

Classic 80s Song Of The Day: LMLYT

Heard this one today at the Liberty Island gift shop. I'm not sure how this made the playlist, as all the other songs were things like "Born In The USA" and "God Bless America," but at least it wasn't "Mr. Bojangles" or "Steal Away."

Five points to whoever can name Pure Prairie League's biggest hit (so easy!). Ten points for anyone who can name the lead singer on this tune, whose stint with PPL was a brief stop on his way to a highly successful solo career.

The 25 Most Un-Sexy Sounds Ever

The 25 most un-sexy sounds ever. Ever is a long, long time.

From The Frisky.

  1. Someone blowing their nose.
  2. Toenails being clipped.
  3. Gum-smacking.
  4. The clink-clink of an exposed metal heel walking on pavement.
  5. Slurping soup or spaghetti.
  6. Water from the shower hitting an inch of water at the bottom of the bathtub when the drain is somewhat clogged.
  7. The words “moist,” “cutlet,” “soiled,” and “panties” pronounced out loud.
  8. The whirl of a hairdryer.
  9. The phrase “I’m not in love with you anymore” delivered by someone you’re very much in love with.
  10. The remaining droplets of liquid sipped through a straw.
  11. Nadya Suleman’s laugh.
  12. A dog’s yelp when its tail is stepped on.
  13. The scurry of rodent feet across hardwood floors.
  14. A woodpecker doing its business.
  15. A dog or cat licking its nether-regions.
  16. On the Wings of Love” by Jeffrey Osbourne.
  17. Cotton mouth.
  18. The somewhat distracting hum of the Hitachi Magic Wand. (Luckily, its powers more than make up for its sound.)
  19. Slow, wet farts.
  20. Sneakers squeaking.
  21. Head-scratching.
  22. Nails on a chalkboard.
  23. Snooki’s voice saying just about anything (though we love her anyway).
  24. Teeth sucking.
  25. A super phlegm-y cough.
They got nose-blowing and phlemgy coughs but missed the best sound of all from that category: when someone sucks the snot out of their nose and sinuses and down into their throat, then swallows it. Yum! I love that sound, especially while I'm eating.

What other sounds belong here?


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