Friday, March 11, 2011

News Of The Day: Tranny Brawl At The Taco Joint


(The Smoking Gun) MARCH 10--In the most bizarre restaurant melee of the month, a large group of transvestites brawled last week in a San Diego taco joint.

As seen below, the dustup was, of course, filmed by a fellow patron and quickly uploaded to YouTube.

It is unclear what prompted the fisticuffs at the La Fuente restaurant in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood. Combatants, some in sequined dresses and high heels, can be seen kicking and punching one another.

Additionally, at least two wigs were dislodged during the incident early Wednesday morning.

A San Diego Police Department report shows that a 911 caller reported that the brawl started at Rich’s Nightclub, a gay dance club. The fighters, police noted, were “HMA’s Dressed Like Women.” HMA is short for an adult Hispanic male.

The confrontation (during which no weapons were spotted) involved “20 people fighting,” a second 911 caller reported. According to the police report, the “crowd move [eastbound] to taco shop.”

The altercation had ended when officers arrived, and the participants “dispersed upon police arrival.”

Police Lieutenant Andra Brown told TSG the matter was not further investigated.

Offensive Vintage Ad Of The Day: Heads

"And they don't talk back." Crikey. From Juicy Trixx.

Photos Of The Day: Rock Stars & Their Parents

Very cool. A LIFE magazine photo feature from 1971. Link at bottom to all the pics and interesting details about each.

LIFE: "They had fame, reams of money, and fans willing to do wild, unmentionable things just to breathe the same air — but in 1971, LIFE illustrated a different side of rock stars: Just like most of us mere mortals, they came from humble backgrounds, with moms and dads who bragged and worried about them every day."

"Everyone had told me that Frank Zappa was going to be really difficult, and he couldn't have been more professional," Olson says. As for Zappa's parents: "My father has ambitions to be an actor," Frank told LIFE. "He secretly wants to be on TV." His mom, meanwhile, thought Frank's career was fine and dandy, but envied something else about him. "The thing that makes me mad about Frank," she said, "is that his hair is curlier than mine — and blacker."

Elton John

David Crosby

Grace Slick

Eric Clapton

(See them all here)

Vid Of The Day: Rudd & Segel Meet Rush

Now Rush thinks we're idiots. From Funny Or Die.


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