Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Classic 70s Song Of The Day: Sugar

Just heard this one on Sirius Classic Vinyl -- blast from the past! Great song. My mom had the 45.

From Wikipedia:

According to Randy Bachman (who later formed Bachman-Turner Overdrive), the inspiration for the song arose after an incident when he was visiting California. He was walking down the street with a stack of records under his arm, when he saw three "tough-looking biker guys" approaching. Bachman felt threatened and was looking for a way to cross the street onto the other sidewalk when a car pulled up to the men. A woman got out of the car, shouting at one of them, asking where he'd been all day, that he had left her alone with the kids. The man suddenly was alone and his buddies slinked away. Chastened, he got in the car as the woman told him before pulling away: "And one more thing, you're getting no sugar tonight."

Bachman then wrote a short song in the key of F# called "No Sugar Tonight." When he presented the song to Burton Cummings and the record company, he was told that the song was too short. Bachman and Cummings expanded the song by adding to it a song Cummings had written that was also in the key of F#, "New Mother Nature."

The song was originally written without the "in my coffee" and "in my tea" wording. The band was ordered to alter the lyrics to make the sexual connotation less obvious.

Movie Parodies Of The Day

From a series of Photoshop contests on Worth1000.

(See more at Worth1000, search "movies")

Vid Of The Day: Newspaper Tailors Print Edition For Remaining Subscribers

Sad, but almost true. From The Onion.

Discs Of The Day: Classic 80s Movies (Sponsored)

Lots of 80s classics are turning up on Blu-Ray either for the first time or in new editions. Buy them here (links below) and support LOTD. Thanks.

Copy from Uncrate.

The 25th anniversary movie parade continues with
The Breakfast Club 25th Anniversary Edition ($18). This R-rated John Hughes classic helped solidify the Brat Pack as a pop culture force while providing an emotional and cultural touchstone for '80s teens. This Blu-ray release includes a 12-part documentary with cast members and other filmmakers alike discussing the film, a featurette on the Brat Pack, commentary from Judd Nelson and Anthony Michael Hall, and the theatrical trailer. Warning: Reading this post may cause Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)" to stick in your head for the rest of the work day.

We were as excited as anyone about the arrival of
National Lampoon's Vacation ($19) and its follow-up National Lampoon's European Vacation ($19) on Blu-ray, and were stoked to discuss the Griswolds' trips to Wally World and Europe, the hotness that was Beverly D'Angelo, and Cousin Eddie. Unfortunately, reviews on Amazon tell us that the soundtrack to the original is in mono, the picture sucks, the cover art "looks stupid," and the releases are "pathetic" — so buy them if you must, but don't say we didn't warn you.

See the inside of Carl Spackler's dilapidated living quarters clearer than ever before with Caddyshack on Blu-ray ($17). This comedy classic — starring Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight and Bill Murray, in case you've somehow forgotten — receives the hi-def treatment on this release, complete with an exclusive feature-length 30th anniversary documentary, a retrospective featurette, the theatrical trailer, and all the crystal clear dancing gopher footage you can stand.

Hey, you guys! Everyone's favorite teenage treasure hunt is turning 25, and getting a definitive new DVD/Blu-ray release to celebrate. The Goonies 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition ($28) features special packaging, an included board game, original storyboard reproductions, a 1985 souvenir magazine reprint, a reprint of a 2009 Empire magazine article with cast photos and updates, and cast commentary with Richard Donner and all seven principle actors. (Coming this November.)

Classic Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Noodles

best of craigslist > pittsburgh >

Woman to sit in my bath tub full of noodles, wearing a bathing suit.

Date: 2009-04-29, 1:39AM EDT

I will pay you $1 USD to sit in my bathtub full of noodles while you wear a one piece bathing suit.

I will not be home, nor will anyone else while you do this.

I will leave the key for you, and you will sit at your leisure.

I will require at least a 5 minutes stay.

A neighbor will watch the front door from across the street and using a supplied stopwatch, will time your entry and departure.

Please supply your own footwear.

The noodles will be cooked, and therefore slippery.

DO NOT bring any sauce. I will season the pasta after I return home prior to dinner.

"I'm Dead And It's All My Fault" Quotes Of The Day

Funny, fictional final words from

"I know alligators don’t understand English, you asshole. It’s all about the tone of voice you use. Just you watch, Doug. Twenty minutes of sweet-talking and this beast will be begging to become a new pair of boots."

"It’ll just be me and the open sea, Doug. A what? No, no. None of that bullshit. I’m just gonna navigate by the stars like a true explorer. If all goes according to plan, I should be back in a couple weeks. Got an appointment with the optometrist that I’ve been putting off for quite a while now, so I want to get back in time for that."

"No, the sign said 'Water is not portable.' Potable? Is that another one from Doug’s Dictionary Of Words He Pulls Out Of His Ass? I don’t know why it wouldn’t be portable. Listen, I’m hot and thirsty, so this is no time for one of your little Quiz Show moments."

“'Load-bearing walls'” is a myth made up by the carpenters’ union to scare people away from doing their own home improvements. Fine, then don’t help. But don’t plan on enjoying the kick-ass Japanese rock garden I’m putting in the basement. Perfectly balanced feng shui isn’t for the unappreciative."

"There’s no such thing as a bad neighborhood when you’ve got a purple belt in taekwondo, Doug."

"Road trip! No, not with you, Douglas. Some guy I met on Craigslist. Said he’s into bondage, which is exactly what I’m looking for. Just two guys on the open road, bondaging about life and women and what it all means. It’ll be nice to take a break from your pissing and moaning for once."

"Why would you pay for a Mr. Pibb when you can just tip these machines a little and shake one out? Christ, Doug, you’d be a millionaire if you weren’t such a sucker."

"Best thing you can do if you come across a pack of mountain lions is try to grab one of the cubs. That way you have some way of negotiating with ‘em. Fine, Doug, you go right on ahead and square off with a mountain lion empty-handed. See where that gets you."

"I’ll just use the hose, Doug. Yeah, I know they have sprays for these types of things, but a.) it’s not like I can just pull six bucks out of my ass whenever I want, and b.) last time I checked, hornets can’t swim."

"I was hungry so I ate your leftover sushi, Doug. What do you mean you didn’t have any sushi?”

"Fuck the tour group, Doug. These guys want to take us back to their village and show us the real Amazon. Besides, remember how the guide even said there’s cannabis all over this part of the jungle? Let’s get fucked up with the natives! They’ve probably got the best shit. You’re paranoid. He clearly said cannabis. Fine, tell everyone else I ran off with the boogymen and they’ve got me over a barbeque. Tell them I’m totally toasted, Douglas. Get it? Toasted, like from weed.

More at I'm Dead And It's All My Fault.


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