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Bad Girls Of The Day: Sorority Formal

Shit, I always miss the good parties. From The Smoking Gun.


MAY 24--For the second time in recent weeks, a college sorority is being accused of drunkenly trashing a facility during a formal dance.

At a March 6 party sponsored by the Ohio University chapter of Pi Beta Phi, attendees engaged in sex acts, used plates as "missiles" during food fights, vomited on carpets, defecated in urinals, and tried to tear off the clothes of a female bartender, according to a letter written by the director of the West Virginia art center where the formal was held.

In her April 6 letter to the sorority, a copy of which you'll find below, Abby Hayhurst, head of the Parkersburg Art Center, reported that catering staff witnessed "a couple engaging in sexual congress, while surrounded by a cheering throng," and that a bathroom sink was broken as a result of "one of your members and her date attempting to have sexual relations on it, an act which was witnessed by the event's caterer, who walked in on them."

The art center, which reported the damage to the Parkersburg Police Department, is seeking about $47,000 from the sorority, which contends that the art center has exaggerated its damages.

(Read more at The Smoking Gun.)

"Caption This" Photo Of The Day

Go ahead. Make us laugh.

Commercial Of The Day: Swagger Wagon

Some days I'm really ashamed to be a cracker. (I do like Rachael Drummond, though.)

20 Most Shocking TV Deaths (Of The Day)

Spoilers galore, so if you watch a lot of TV shows on DVD (Dexter, House, Lost, The Shield, Battlestar Galactica, The Wire, and The Sopranos, for example), proceed at your own risk.


20. OMAR LITTLE (Michael K. Williams)
The Wire (2008)

There was a whole lot of bloody death on The Wire, but what makes this one so particularly shocking is its frightening randomness. For five seasons, Omar was the god of war on the mean streets of Baltimore, practically invincible (he jumped out of a building!). Given his career choice, Omar's demise was just a matter of time, but it was still surprising, and heartbreaking, when he got shot in the back of the head not by a gangbanger or a policeman, but by the adolescent Kenard.

19. ANASTASIA ''DEE'' DUALLA (Kandyse McClure)
Battlestar Galactica (2009)

The final episodes of BSG got off to a bleak start. Dualla, long the show's quiet conscience, had just gotten back from a romantic date with her ex-husband Lee. The stage seemed set for a triumph-of-the-human-spirit plotline. She looked at herself in the mirror, grinned... and then raised a gun to her forehead and fired. About as troubling and despairing as TV death gets.

17. GARY SHEPHERD (Peter Horton)
thirtysomething (1991)

We'd followed Nancy (Patricia Wettig) through her battle with ovarian cancer, and as she went into the hospital for surgery to see if any cancer cells remained, we braced ourselves for the worst. The news was great...for her. Just as it sank in, the devastating word came that Gary (Peter Horton) died in a car crash. Among his remains was a gift for her, a copy of Alice Through the Looking Glass, with this inscription:
In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Ever drifting down the stream,
Lingering in the golden gleam,
Life? What is it, but a dream.

15. LUCY KNIGHT (Kellie Martin)
ER (2000)

Crazy, even violent, things happened in the emergency room of Chicago General all the time but the stabbing death of this med student rocked viewers. That scene of bleeding Carter lying on the floor looking at Lucy's face... heart wrenching.

The Simpsons (2000)

It's Homer's fault, of course. At Springfield's new raceway, our favorite buffoon removes his shirt and paints a target on his chest, hoping cheerleaders will catapult free T-shirts his way. And they do, and miss, knocking Maude off the bleachers and smack into the parking lot, killing her, and making Ned a wid-diddly-diddow. As Reverend Lovejoy says so aptly in her eulogy, ''In many ways, Maude Flanders was a supporting player in our lives. She didn't grab our attention with memorable catchphrases, or comical accents. But, whether you noticed her or not, Maude was always there...''

House (2009)

Kutner's suicide shook Princeton-Plainsboro in a way it had never experienced, and the same can be said for fans of the Fox drama, who saw only a great future for Dr. House's brightest minion. Actor Kal Penn has since ditched the White House gig he left the show for, but the jolt from Kutner's unexpected and dramatic exit has all but fled from our memories.

9. SUSAN BIDDLE ROSS (Heidi Swedberg)
Seinfeld (1996)

Who would have thought that George finding someone willing to marry him wasn't the most shocking thing to happen on Seinfeld? Nope, that honor goes to the death of said fiancée, Susan Biddle Ross, in the show's seventh season finale. George went all out when purchasing their wedding invitations, springing for bottom of the barrel envelopes laced with toxic glue. Susan paid the price for his cheapness when she died after licking too many of the hazardous receptacles. For a show about nothing, this was something. For them to kill her off, and for indirectly responsible George to actually kind of relish it, was shocking indeed.

6. JOYCE SUMMERS (Kristine Sutherland)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2001)

Buffy often dealt with death, but never as directly or realistically as when Buffy's mom died not from a beastie or ghoul, but from a brain aneurysm. In the harrowing aftermath, we see every main character's response to Joyce's passing — Buffy's vomiting on the floor, Dawn's collapse, Willow's panic over what to wear to the hospital. The show's usual music and sharp humor are conspicuously absent, making it clear that Buffy's fantasy world was not immune to the trials of the real world.

5. ADRIANA LA CERVA (Drea de Matteo)
The Sopranos (2004)

Admitting to her fiancé, Christopher (Michael Imperioli), that she'd become an FBI informant, Adriana hoped they could start their new family in witness protection. He told her he'd do it, but when Silvio drove her to the woods to meet her brutal end, it was clear which family he had sided with. No one would ever say Chris-tuh-fuh the same way again.

2. TERI BAUER (Leslie Hope)
24 (2002)

On Day 1 (a.k.a. season 1), Jack's wife Teri has had just as hard a day as her secret-agent husband. Searching for their abducted daughter, she winds up being kidnapped as well, and offers herself up to be raped instead of her child. Narrowly escaping, she heads to one safe house after another that doesn't live up to its name. Finally, just after Jack saves the day and we're prepared for a teary reunion, we get just that...sort of: Teri is shot by the mole Nina Myers, and the season ends with an agonized Jack clutching his wife's dead body.

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