Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Classic Movie Clip Of The Day: Boids

I guess this was scary at the time, but now it's just hilarious. Cool cast, though...

:09 - Suzanne Pleshette ("The Bob Newhart Show")
:19 - Jessica Tandy (Driving Miss Daisy)
:25 - Veronica Cartwright (Alien)
:33 - Rod Taylor (Inglorious Basterds) and Tippi Hedren (Melanie Griffiths' mom)
:37 - Susan Boyle ("Britain's Got Talent") and John Belushi ("Saturday Night Live")
1:10 - Morgan Brittany ("Dallas")

7 Awesome On-Set Injuries Of The Day

Oh how I love Buster Keaton. He's my hero (and Jackie Chan's).



THE FILM: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)


THE FALLOUT: Insisting on performing your own stunts is all well and good, but once you've crossed the 40 threshold, it may be time to rethink that policy (unless you're Jackie Chan; see below). Ford took six weeks off from shooting to recover, and it would be five years before he made another action movie (which, oddly enough, was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). But at least this meant we got The Mosquito Coast, right? Uh, right?


THE FILM: Sherlock Holmes (2009)

THE FLESH WOUND/FRACTURE: Punched in the face and knocked unconscious

THE FALLOUT: A hit movie, it seems. Downey took a powerhouse hook to the chin while filming a dockyard fight scene, which sent him flying and drooling blood. Medics carted him off to the hospital, but after getting six stitches in his mouth, he was back in action. We can understand someone wanting to punch out Downey's lights 10-15 years ago (the guy needed his legs broken after subjecting audiences to Heart and Souls), but post-Iron Man? The man's a national treasure.


THE FILMS: Die Another Day, Gothika, Catwoman...basically every attempt she's made to be an action star.

THE FLESH WOUND/FRACTURE: Debris from a smoke grenade damaged her eye (and in a separate incident, she almost choked to death) on Die Another Day, suffered a broken arm filming Gothika, and smashed her head into stage lighting during a Catwoman night shoot

THE FALLOUT: The accident-prone Berry wisely chose to sit out action flicks (except for 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand, where she just kind of stood around), had a kid, and has been pretty quiet the last few years. But needing a half-decade to bounce back from Catwoman doesn't seem all that far-fetched.


THE FILM: Sherlock, Jr. (1932)


THE FALLOUT: Don't let today's "I'll do anything to maintain the integrity of a scene!" actors fool you. Buster was the originator of "bust a move," breaking his neck after falling from a water tower and landing on a railroad track below. (It was for a scene in which he was supposed to get drenched, but the force of the water knocked him off the tower completely.) Keaton didn't even realize he'd broken his neck until 10 years later. A doctor, examining for a completely different ailment, inquired about how he'd fucked his neck up royally a decade before. Keaton's response was basically, "Shit, I guess that's what all those headaches were about." And he didn't need any friggin' metal plate.

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Here's a great Buster Keaton clip for ya.

Vid Of The Day: School Play

What the F is this S?

Gotta be fake, but still, WTFudge?

Oh, and by the by -- Scarface sucks. That's right: SUCKS. Classic my ass. It's an overwrought piece of nutty dog squeeze, from the master of celluloid dumps, Mr. Brian DePalma (Femme Fatale, anyone? Snake Eyes? Raising Cain?).


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