Wednesday, March 3, 2010

News Story Of The Day: Here's A Tip

Mmm, I love a good crunchy salad, don't you?

From The Smoking Gun.

IHOP Fingered In Gross Lawsuit

MARCH 3--Ronald Neilly was working at an International House of Pancakes in Hallandale, Florida one Sunday morning when he accidentally cut off a fingertip while preparing an order. Neilly, 35, was immediately rushed to a local hospital by Department of Fire Rescue workers. But the severed fingertip--nail intact--could not be located by his fellow kitchen employees.

Until, of course, it soon turned up in the fried chicken green salad being consumed by Nadine Robinson, 42, who was having brunch with her family after attending services at Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale. The severed fingertip can be seen in the police photo below.

The repulsive IHOP episode, which has not been previously reported, occurred in November 2008 and has resulted in a lawsuit brought by Robinson and her family against the restaurant chain and Neilly (TSG learned of the incident when IHOP lawyers last month filed a federal court motion seeking to remove the case from a Broward County court).

Robinson's negligence complaint alleges that the restaurant served her a "freshly severed finger tip that contained both freshly cut human flesh and blood." IHOP, she charges, did not cease operating after Neilly was injured while preparing her salad, adding that the eatery's actions exposed her and her teenage daughter Ashley (who shared some of the salad) to a variety of possible health problems.

(story continues here)

Oh For F**k's Sake. Seriously?

But hey, if the guy behind Wild Hogs is writing it, you know it will be a real knee-slapper.


'Gilligan's Island' movie: Let's cast the castaways


Prepare for a new three-hour tour. A three-hour tour.

Warner Bros. is making a Gilligan’s Island film, based on the beloved 1960s sitcom that enjoyed a multi-generational run in syndication. Variety reports that Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs) is writing the script and that the producers hope to shoot next year.

With it’s seven simplistic, yet iconic, characters, has there even been a show that will be more fun to cast? Sherwood Schwartz, the show’s original producer, is on the record that he’d like to see Michael Cera play Gilligan. Fine. Perfect. Cera can play Gilligan. But Abe Vigoda can play Gilligan for all I care. As long as Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) plays Ginger. This is non-negotiable. If Warner Bros. can’t land Hendricks, don’t even bother with this movie.

Who else would you like to see in the film? Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Skipper? (Revisit Along Came Polly if you think the Oscar-winner can’t do comedy.) Stephen Colbert or Paul Rudd as the Professor? What about Mary Ann and the Howells? Have at it, castaways.

On another note, don't you think Christina Hendricks' jubblies get tired of being smushed and pushed like that? I would, if I were them. I know they're huge and she wants to show them off, but goddamn, lady, give the poor bastards a breather.

Kids' Passive-Aggressive Notes Of The Day

Last month I posted this passive-aggressive note from my kid. Frank saw these and thought they would make a good follow-up post. He was right. Enjoy.

From Passive-Aggressive Notes unless otherwise noted.

Laura in California writes: ”My six-year-old daughter misbehaved at school, so she couldn’t go to the harvest festival. This didn’t go over well, so she wrote me this threatening note. When I laughed, she took it back to add, ‘I (am) serious.’”

Writes Sarah: “This note was written to me after I told my seven-year-old daughter to go to her room until she felt like being nice. I’m still trying to figure out what she really feels. Was it love mingled with regret…or slathering me with goodness in hopes of ending the misery in her room?"

"Mom, do not eat one piece of [bacon] or I not talk to you." Reader Irsh says she found this note taped to the laundry room door when she got home after her son had already gone to bed. “I’m not sure why he thought I was going to eat the bacon,” she says, “but I have to admit the idea of him not talking to me was briefly appealing.”

“My wife and I have been busy lately,” writes Sean in Vancouver, “and we forgot to get the newly-lost baby tooth from under my daughter’s pillow. We finally remembered a few days later. When my wife went in to slip some money under the pillow, I could hear her trying hard not to crack up. When she came out (red-faced and laughing), to show me the note, I understood why.”

"If you don't get me a water, I will call 911 or call Daddy." From Flickr user A.S.I.N.

From Bailey in Oklahoma: “My nine-year-old brother hung the original note on his door when I came home from college for christmas. after I laughed it off, he left a special note just for me. When I when walked in anyway, he yelled, 'Didn’t you see the sign?!?’"

From eight-year-old Matt to his sister, Chloe.

Claire and her mom found this relic of childhood while going through a filing cabinet over Christmas. “Neither of us know what prompted it,” Claire says, “though apparently I was mad enough about something to write her this note, but not mad enough to go to bed without her telling me goodnight."

Nick in Florida was in his car one day, when he “pulled up at a light, looked to my left, and immediately started laughing.” He quickly pulled out his iPhone and snapped a photo.

Liev in Gainesville, Georgia received this from her six-year-old son when — while trying to get dinner on the table for five kids clamoring for her attention — she had to tell him she did not have time to look at his latest Lego creation right this second. “This is his drawing of me yelling at him. The thing above him is his broken heart.”

These next two are from Le Shallowgal, who explains that her two kids were fighting so she made them write apology notes to each other. This is her daughter's first try at an apology to her older brother.

"Dear Jake, I'm sorry for doing nothing. Noa. P.S. I did not touch you."

Of course mom rejected that one and made her try again. Her second version:

"Dear tattle tale, I'm sorry. I won't do it again. Noa."

A busy working mom in Austin, Texas got this little love note on her BlackBerry from her sixteen-year-old son. In the end, our submitter adds, he didn’t take the bus after all. Total bluff!

Classic Movie Trailer Of The Day: A Face In The Crowd

The best Andy Griffith movie you've never seen, and the trailer doesn't really do it justice. The film is much darker than this.

Crying Damn Shame Of The Day (video)

What in tarnation is wrong with people? Fear not, TV Land is on the case. As for the culprit, my money's on Otis, who was probably on another bender.


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