Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vid Of The Day: Le Fail

A compilation of the best falls, crashes, accidents and miscellaneous screwups of 2009. Hey, better late than never. A little too long but you can jump around like I did. Just don't miss 3:40. That's my favorite.

From College Humor.

January Mugshot Roundup

Another batch of ne'er-do-wells, no-accounts and good-for-nothings.

"Book him."
"But sir, he's dead."
"Add that to the charges."

Grinning Gilberto, cousin of Laughing Juan

See that huge motherfucker over there? I think he likes you.


Charles always dreamed of being the next Usher. The, not an.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Malcolm McDowell

I can't wait to see the lineup of Saints fans

Ralph never follows through on anything

I am pissing on your head!


Like father...

... like daughter

They got this guy on a failure to appear. Now he's failing to appear that he didn't get his ass beat.

Old rockers never die, they just start wearing Tommy Bahama

In the parallel universe on "Lost," all the characters are black. This is Hurley.

Dr. Smith, I presume?

Free beard buff with every arrest!

The three faces of Steve: dum, dummer and dummiest.

Vid Of The Day: How To Report The News

Nailed it.

News Story Of The Day: Nation's Strangers Protest Negative Image

From The Onion.

Nation's Strangers Decry Negative Portrayal Among Children

WASHINGTON—Addressing reporters from behind a row of juniper bushes, a coalition of sketchy single men gathered in Washington on Monday to protest the "negative, demeaning, and often hurtful" portrayal of strangers when it comes to the nation's children.

"For years, strangers in this country have been depicted in an unfavorable light," said Strangers of America president Paul Hughes, dressed in his usual outfit of trench coat, gray slacks, and colorful Yu-gi-oh! baseball cap. "These days, it's almost impossible for a stranger to wake up in the morning, drive to a nearby park, and spend the afternoon quietly watching from the sidelines without young boys and girls immediately jumping to conclusions."

"It's a sad fact, but most children won't even talk to us at all," Hughes, 33, added. "Not even the little blond-haired ones."

According to SOA organizer Charles "Smiling Chuck" Osterhaus, strangers across the United States have long faced discrimination, with parents, teachers, and other authority figures regularly spreading lies about their intentions and warning children to refrain from accepting any of the delicious, delicious candy they have to offer.

In fact, Osterhaus said, a recent survey conducted by the organization found that almost 99 percent of all strangers are not actually the "bad men" they are so often portrayed to be, and most really do have the latest video games and comic books waiting back in their awesome basements, where there aren't any boring rules and everyone can just have fun.

(continues here)

Vid Of The Day: Bathroommates (NSFW)

Very NSFW (or UFW, if you're a stickler). From Funny Or Die.

Bumper Stickers Of The Day

A great idea from Dr. Toni. Check out her "Everything Health" blog and learn something. Because you sure as shit won't learn anything here.


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