Thursday, October 15, 2009

Movie Trailer Of The Day: Black Dynamite

I might have to see this. It better have Pam Grier in it.

Vid Of The Day: Mangina (NSFW)

Nasty. But funny. From College Humor.

QOTD: Great

What's great about you? Your best qualities, skills, achievements, whatever.

We're taught not to toot our own horn but eff that shit -- I'm asking. Toot away.

I've done this question before but it's been a long time and we have lots of new readers.

Classic Comedy Clip Of The Day: Asshole Dad

From So I Married An Axe Murderer, a movie I've never seen. I did see Braveheart, though, which was also about Scots and as long as two movies, so I'm covered.

Thanks, Datter of Nact Pommy, for the clip.

Pics Of The Day: Fixed!

Fine examples of redneck ingenuity from There, I Fixed It. Tons more at the link.

Thanks, Tom, Hairwrecker Lindsey and whoever else sent these in. I misplaced some of your e-mails, sorry.

Vid Of The Day: Talky Tina

Meet Talky Tina, Sponsor Of The Day and Chucky's grandma.


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