Saturday, October 10, 2009

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: I Want...

From Patrick Knott, and worthy of a special Saturday post. Having said that -- what's a "poop lady"?

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I Want To Eat Your Poop Lady - m4w (cobb pkwy)

Date: 2009-10-03, 4:10PM EDT

$50.00 donation to the first attractive woman willing to visit me and watch me eat her shit. serious replies only and yes this ad is very real.

  • Location: cobb pkwy

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Appeal Of The Day

(Bumped for the weekend)

This comes from my friend Tom Kane, actor, VO god and LOTD fan. I know we all get a lot of these, but I appreciate any help you can give, be it money, prayers, thoughts, whatever. Travis is a good man; I've worked with him a few times over the years and had no idea he was ill.

I know this is not what you come to LOTD to see, but it's someone I know and I want to help him. Thanks for your indulgence.

From: Tom Kane

I was only going to send this to my VO & On-Camera Actor email lists, but I'm throwing a wider net because this came on very suddenly, and the need is immediate. I know we are all hit up for a lot of things, but please read, and please do what you can. Even $5 or $10 from just half my email pals would make SUCH a difference.

Travis Davis has been part of our VO and On-camera community since the early 90's - he's a really nice, hard working family guy with a wife and 2 young kids. He thought his stomach cancer last year had been beaten, and went right back to work to support his family. All seemed OK until a month ago, when the pain in his abdomen confirmed the cancer was back with a vengeance. It has spread throughout his peritoneum and intestines. It is terminal. And soon.

Just two weeks ago, after tests confirmed treatment would not change the outcome, he and his wife went through the painful ordeal of telling their children the situation. It was as heart wrenching as expected, and something that we can only pray we never experience. They are strong, beautiful kids, and are doing their best to assimilate this info into their world, but they're just kids, and going through enough without also worrying about whether there will be enough money to buy school supplies in a couple months.

Travis isn't an on-camera celebrity, or some big movie trailer guy with healthy reserves. He is a working-class actor who is - literally - at the end of his rope and needs a hand. He is long past being able to work, and doesn't have more than a few weeks left. The little bit of life insurance he may get from AFTRA & SAG won't help until weeks or months after he is gone, and his wife and kids need something to see them through this terrible transition.

Some friends set up a fund through a charity organized to do exactly this sort of thing, the Talbert Family Foundation, and it's 100% tax deductible:

I checked it our before I donated, and it all seems legit, and I am assured everything donated goes directly to Travis' family.

Please do what you can, and pass this on to anyone else who might be able to help.

Thank you.

- Tom


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