Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comedy.com Links Of The Day

A double shot of Comedy.com today because I forgot* to post yesterday's links yesterday.

The World's Smallest Puppy

10 Guys Kim Kardashian Should Date Now

We're So Sold On Red Band Trailer For Dealership Comedy "The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard"

My Buddy With G-Unit

Support Our Stormtroopers

* to give a shit because I'm on vacation.

SNL Video Of The Day: Blizzard Man

One from my buddy Don.

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Kung Fu

best of craigslist > phoenix >
Posted: Tue, 26 May 2009

Wanted: Taxidermist who watches a lot of Kung Fu

I am looking to hire someone with the means to obtain and stuff animals in fashions I choose, which will be Kung Fu for now.

When I was younger I convinced a friend of mines dad to create two squirrels Kung Fu fighting. I still think about it from time to time and have decided to get my own Kung Fu animals, I understand this is a bizarre request.

Serious inquiries only, please e-mail me the species of animals you commonly hunt or can obtain and your rate for taxidermy of each in various Kung Fu poses. Mounting preferred. Once again I feel I must state this is serious.

If you can show any of your previous work it will probably give you an edge on the competition. Please respond via/e-mail. Thank you.

  • Compensation: There will be payment, decent pay. Depends on quality of work and product which will vary.

PostingID: 1190484174

Videos Of The Day: 8 Idiots Owned By Ladders

From BigStupidIdiot.com

Ever wonder why there are a hundred safety warnings on ladders? It's because of these idiots. If you're going to abuse something in your garage make it a bucket or a dust mop, never choose a ladder. But if you are going to use it like a moron, be sure you're filming it. Here are 8 videos of idiots being owned by ladders.

8. No Diving In The Shallow End - The daredevil dumbass is attempting to dive into an 18 inch pool. It appears he almost comes to his senses when the ladder decides to give him a little motivational support. No Lifeguard on duty!

7. Clean Up On Aisle 5 - You might wanna check out aisle 9 where they sell anti-slip ladder feet. Welcome to workman's comp. See you in April.

6. When Gutters Fight Back - The first sign that something was going to go wrong was how eager your friend was to film you while you were on the ladder. The second clue should have been standing on the top step. Warning, don't taunt your gutters.

5. Makeshift Theme Park Ride - Mom and Dad won't take you to Disneyland this summer? No worries, you can make a ride in your backyard. Warning, you must be THIS STUPID to ride this ride.

(List continues at BigStupidIdiot.com)

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