Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Commercial Of The Day: Taco Bell

Excellence in advertising from my favorite fast food restaurant. Thanks, Matthew, for the link.

Vid Of The Day: DNA Evidence Clears Black Man Of Bear Attack

From The Onion.

May Mugshot Roundup

Last month's pathetic parade of perps, twerps, punks and flunks.

Tony Orlando on Enzyte

Imagine his breath

I guess Wayne Brady had to smack a bitch after all

Drew Carey bailed out his mom within hours

Eyes forward, please. Both of them.

Susan Boyle

Ol' Cactushead


Armand was barely holding it together

Rick Astley's sister

What'd this guy do, tie a gal to the railroad tracks?

She blew some frat boy for half an Old Milwaukee and that sweatshirt

I bet she works at the vintage clothing store.

"Tranny can you hear me?"

Sugar cone or regular?

Please put your top on. Please.

Gutta Bytch. Fatt Rollz.


You can't camouflage dumbfuckery

Vids Of The Day: H.R. Pufnstuf/Drugachusettes

I watched this as a kid and knew even that it was fonked-up. They were puffin' stuff, all right.

Here's Mr. Show's version. From Paul D.

Sign Of The Day

You sons a bitches.

Really Bad Demo Songs Of The Day

An anonymous indie record company has posted a handful of the worst demo tapes they received -- and you know they've gotten thousands, so these are the worst of the worst. Enjoy. I certainly did.

My ears are plotting this guy's murder

Remember, ladies: front to back

Clowns? Really?

About those strange noises coming from Mommy and Daddy's room...

I made love to a drag queen

You can find a few more here.


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