Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WTF? Video Of The Day

Bread + Flashdance = WTF?! From Frank -- maybe he knows.

Party Pictures Of The Day (NSFW)

Selections from Sorry I Missed Your Party, a blog of funny party pictures.

A couple of these contain nudity.

It's not a party until the tubas come out.

A real beer fairy would bring something better than Pabst

Must be one hell of a band on that stage

Lars began to wonder if he'd lost his touch with the ladies

The other midget had a crossbow, and Momma took one in the neck.

"Omigod, look at those disgusting rednecks!" said Dwayne, aiming his camera

Rock. And. Fucking. Roll.

Frank and his buddies watch the big race.

When Derek plays guitar, people die

Mike showed up an hour late so he'd miss the slideshow, but the joke was on him: the gang waited until he got there.

Good thing Joan Jett had that bedpan with her

"You know, guy, I think there's a Clemson game on TV down in Bill's room. Why don't you go check out the score or something? Fritz and I need to, uh, talk."

Floor 5's annual Lightsabers 'n Babes mixer was missing just one thing, and it wasn't lightsabers

A luau? Or a poo-and-spoo-au?

Roger rang in 1989 with his new Lagerfeld
TM glasses from International Male.

Vid Of The Day: Robot Chicken E.T.

You would, too.

QOTD: What You Need

What do you need at this very moment?


Stripper FAIL Videos Of The Day

A handful of ladies who need a new hobby. Some are painful to watch. One is a commercial.

From Mandy, who says, "Stay off the pole if you can't do it right!"


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