Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day

Everyone remembers "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" by Rupert Holmes, but few remember Rupert's follow-up to that hit, a little ditty called, simply..... "Him." After hearing the song and seeing this video again, I can only come to one conclusion: the 'him' in question is Satan, creator of this music.

Pay special attention to the lyrics -- they're super.

Great Wedding Moments Of The Day, Vol. 2

Many thanks to Keva, Sarah and LZ for the pics.

Ladies: see what happens if you cut off your man until the honeymoon? He might have an accident.

Ninjas are everywhere. Always be prepared.

Johnny Ray's cousin shows his new bride how he likes it

Poker in the rear!

She's about to swat him with that bouquet.

Eh heh heh, my girl sure can blow!

All the confetti and flowers in the world won't change the smell of that thing

A quick doob with the valet always chases away those wedding day jitters

Lucky bastard

Here comes the bride!

Look, someone threw out a perfectly good bride

Get used to it, pal

Back the fuck off!

Bob wasted no time trying to charm his new mother-in-law

Col. Sanders' daughter gets married

As soon as the Sharks show up, the rumble is on.

The doob wasn't enough. She had to have a quickie with valet, too.

Someone explain this pose to me. Please.

Practice makes perfect

"$20? What the fuck is this? It's 200, asshole."

Classic Comedy Clip Of The Day: Dumb & Dumber

Extremely nasty. Extremely hilarious.

"Home For Sale" Listing Of The Day

Awesomeness from Dorf. I'm not positive, but I think these might be Photoshopped.

Interested? Here's the listing.

Paul Harvey Sponsor Shill Of The Day

We honor the February 28 passing of Paul Harvey, radio broadcaster extraordinaire, with this long-lost sponsor plug. You all know how Paul loved his sponsors.

Click Paul's pic to hear the ad. Many thanks to Blong for the link.


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