Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Links Of The Day

Tons of great stuff sent in by your fellow LOTD readers.

Fuck You, Penguin - from SGM and LVGurl

Streaming concerts from The Who, Led Zep, The Stones, Pink Floyd and more great bands on Wolfgang's Vault - from TonyRo.

Engrish! - from Lisa W.

250 cures for hiccups - from Smokiechick.

Sir Shambling, a great archive of rare soul music and hard-to-find B-sides. From The Bob.

Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley on my favorite TV show, "Lost," has a great blog. Check it out. From Sally.

Impressive reflective photography by Robin Soulier.

Manbabies, from Devon. Bizarro.

Guys, are you familiar with The Doghouse? Blong, Mr. Minimac and Patrick are. (Click on "What's Life Like Inside The Doghouse?" for the video. A viral promotion for JC Penney.)

Top 20 songs about Jesus - from Chris and The Shark Guys.

Pilot School, an archive of pilot scripts for TV shows that didn't make it, and some that did. From VSL.

I love these time-lapse vids of the Aurora Borealis from Bubbasmom.

This Workout Doesn't Suck - an exercise and weight loss support page from Joe.


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