Monday, February 2, 2009

Asshole Of The Day: Christian Bale (NSFW)

This was probably the same day he went home and beat up his mom and sister.

Bale flips out on the set of Terminator: Salvation

A new audio clip of Christian Bale experiencing one of the most over-the-top meltdowns ever captured on tape has, of course, been leaked to the net.

While filming a scene for Terminator: Salvation, it seems director of photography Shane Hurlbut disturbed Bale by walking into his field of vision. Bale totally loses it, and launches an expletive-filled rant for several minutes, much to the surprise of Hurlbut, who can do nothing but stammer a few apologies.

At one point, Bale tries to fight Hurlbut, and it sounds as if the crew has to restrain him. This is the same incident which TMZ reported on last year.

You can listen to it here. Be warned: it is very NSFW.

The best part? When Bale barks at McG, the movie's director: "McG, do you have something to say to this prick?" To which McG responds weakly, "I didn't see it happen."


When asked for comment, singer Paul Anka replied, "The guys get shirts!!"

Non-Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day

I forgot about this song. I remember kind of liking it, but then, it was the 80s.

Click the pic to see the video.

Carly sent the link, and wrote, "Written by Pete Townsend, but used by Roger Daltrey in his solo career. This video is the essence of 80's in it's "prime." 2/3 unbuttoned all white shirt, bad green screen, random child, being naked without showing anything, being born from ashes, random zoom in on eyes (about 60 times.. maybe 61), and all the things that make the 80s the best decade EVER. Oh! And musn't forget the fact that Roger has bad 80's hair, and has no idea what to do with the mic stand."

Movie Trailer Of The Day: LOTL

Didja see this during the Super Bowl? Like the TV series it's based on, the movie has suck written all over it... although I did laugh at "Matt Lauer can eat it!"


Semi-Precious Moments Figures Of The Day

Ha! If Precious Moments figurines make you want to vomit, then this is your lucky day. Great Photoshop work from the readers of

My First Downsizing

Lil' Serial Killer

Look, I Pissed Myself

News Stories Of The Day

You can't make up this stuff, folks. Ok, yes you can. But most of it is true.

"She had her hands in my ass."

Taco (Wedding) Bells - from Liz F.

The funeral was a blast - from Mike A.

Phelps congratulates Cardinals on Super Bowl win - from The Borowitz Report (which you might not get unless you know about this)

26 Movies You Should See Before Oscar Night

You'll need to watch about 1.3 a day, starting today, to see them all by February 22nd. Each title is a link; click to read more about any film.

I saw one this weekend: Slumdog Millionaire. Loved it.


I'm adding Road House, because it's Pat Swayze's finest film, and he was completely snubbed by Oscar the year it came out.

Photo Of The Day: Bravery

They both deserve a medal, actually.


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