Friday, January 2, 2009

"Lost" News Of The Day

A clip from a new article by Jeff "Doc" Jensen, who got a sneak peek at the first two episodes of the upcoming season 5. Spoiler-ish material, so read at your own risk.

Lost’s tradition of opening the year with a killer, capture-the-imagination sequence is honored and upheld, though the thing I loved most was how it was brazenly frank (and engagingly funny) about the heady high-concept conceit that will define the season.

Almost everything that followed that opening passage was pretty cool, too. Remember the non-linear structure of Pulp Fiction, which toggled between a number of storylines whose chronological relationship to each other is practically a puzzle for the audience to solve? Well, the season premiere is kinda like that. The first two episodes will have the audience — and the show’s characters — trying to make sense of shifts in time. They demand active engagement, and I found it to be a lot of fun. Especially the first hour.

Lots of Sawyer in the first two eps. Lots of his naked chest, too.

Lots of Hurley, and as for his chest, it is covered... with a very funny T-shirt.

Sayid also has mucho screen time in both episodes, though he sleeps his way through one of them. Literally.

And Daniel Faraday emerges as a huge player in season 5.

The eps are dotted with cameos and extended cameos from peripheral but important figures crucial to the Lost mythology and much-loved by the Lost fan community. A polarizing character from Lost’s past returns, earns some redemption by participating with wit and humility, and delivers one of the best lines of either episode.

Once again, all things Ben just rock.

And if you're familiar with the rather disturbing crush that Doc Jensen happens to have on a certain rarely-seen Lost someone, then you can imagine how I swooned when I saw her re-appear at long last in the second episode.

Any guesses on who the "polarizing character from Lost's past" might be? Or "a certain rarely-seen Lost someone"? My guess for the latter would be Libby, but I think we saw her in the promo for season 5, if memory serves. The polarizing character who earns some redemption? My guess would be Paolo. No, I'm kidding. I'm guessing Michelle Rodriguez's character, whose name inexplicably escapes me at the moment.

Read the full article on EW


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