Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Links Of The Day

Laughter is not the best medicine -- Nyquil is. Or vicodin. But laughing doesn't hurt.

Great links from you, my readers. Thanks.

A flatulent paradise called Art of Fart, from Emmi. "High C" is my personal favorite.

From Smokiechick, a nifty panorama photo of land and sky, complete with highlighted constellations. Check the home page for many more.

Cool custom prayer flags at Communkate's Etsy site.

From Lindsey, a site to help you deal with these difficult financial times.

Take a quiz to find out the ideal sleeping position for you and your mate, and what that position says about you. From Emmi.

From Big Lew, a page of discontinued Olympic sports. Too bad -- I bet the club swinging and live pigeon shooting events would've been fun to watch.


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