Monday, October 6, 2008

Bumper Stickers Of The Day

A great idea from Dr. Toni. Check out her "Everything Health" blog and learn something. Because you won't learn anything on this one, bud.

Escalator Vids Of The Day

FAIL x 2. WTF, is someone leaving banana peels at the top of this thing?

No audio on these.

"Hey, step aside and let the lady by!"


Ok, this one has no excuse. There's no one else there! She tripped over her own feet.


LOTD Search Terms Of The Day, Vol. 2

A compilation of some of the search terms that have led readers to this blog. I'm not sure if the terms say more about the reader who used them or the blog that they found.

safe the day of wedding
milf lookers
continental bad flight policy
naked Salma Hayek
types of mullets
yearbook photos
funny napkins
if jesus was a goth
ron jeremy action figure
Spanish pick up lines
ass grass or cash nobody rides for free bumper sticker
replacing foreskin
"rock me tonight" snapping
porn of the day
over 40 MILF pics
spongebob casablanca
teenager brandon who died of drug overdose in St. Louis in 2006
caveman lawyer
real olan mills pics
cats that look like hitler
beasts and worst cereals cinnamon life
children learn what they live
how to do glamour shots
hot chicks in hot tub
speared armpit
busty pets
high school days poems
lois griffin boobs
what causes fish smell in hot tubs
80s song two guys in room
richard gere hamster
gerald ford dead today and i'm gay
jared leto naked
black home made booty dancings clips
porno movie with monkis
woman's pubic hair average count
humongous boobs
brands that failed
what to wear for band photo shoot
force vomiting with fingers risk
bumper buddy toddler helmet
how to shave your balls
calories in an in-an-out double double cheese
real men of genius radio commercial
60 man masturbating
why we love to stick your down mens pants and fiddle with their penus and balls
potraits of man step haircut hairstyles
songs of the 70's list
naked house maids
phil hartman matlock
training day
blondes in fur coats
family portraits
howard the duck mask
"should i stay or should i go" uh huh da da da
the shinning twins
adult clown costume craigslist
calories in squirt butter

Commercials Of The Day: XBox 360

I gotta get one. I've finally beaten all the games on the Sega Genesis.


This one's from Laura, who was once arrested while streaking.


Naked People Being Arrested (NSFW)

Or about to be.

As you might have guessed, these photos contain nudity, so proceed at your own risk.
Thanks, Bubbasmom, for the links.

Run, Forrest, run!

This explains last week's mugshot

Wrangler started resorting to desperate measures to get people to wear their jeans.

No, what's cruel is covering up your goodies at a naked protest

Now you know where gasohol comes from

I see a hole-in-one in his future. From a cop's boot.

Nice socks, dad.

Funny how the cops aren't in a hurry to cover her up.

Just off screen there's a cop coming fast with his nightstick raised. "I'm king of the wor--BAM!"

Squeal like a pig, boy.

OUCH! Mind the teat, jackass!

Another low-speed L.A. freeway pursuit

I'd heard that the Ithaca City Court is full of boobs

"Can I just get my shoes? They're right over there."

None of the cops wanted to tangle with Gwendolyn, and who could blame them?

How the Unabomber was caught.

Corky needs a haircut

Via, and other sources


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