Saturday, September 13, 2008

List Of The Day's Saturday Links

Great links from you, my loyal and slightly "touched" readers.

From The Courteous Chihuahua, a brilliant time-waster called Yearbook Yourself. And if you do, please send the results to me so I can publish them here.

A page of amusing comics from Seth, himself amusing.

From Kate The Great, a band you need to check out. We hope they're kidding, but it's hard to say. Don't miss the band member bios, says Kate, who adds that these guys have ruined all other music for her.

How would you rate as a 1930s husband or wife? Take this quiz and find out. Sent in by Harmony, who rated very, very high, although that's not necessarily a good thing.

A site that redefines "glamour portrait," and not in a good way. Be sure to see the bib samples. From Ann, who swears she is none of the women in these photos. Some pics NSFW-ish.

The Olympics, recreated in Legos. Cool pics from Spinderfella, who never had Legos as a child. His parents only gave him used razor blades and blasting caps to play with.

From James, two pages (here and here) of crazy women's shoes from around the world. Says James, "I found these on StumbleUpon, I swear. I don't have a shoe fetish. Really." Ok, James. We believe you. Yep.


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