Friday, September 12, 2008

Photobombers Of The Day, Vol. 2 (NSFW)

Another round of hilariously ruined photos, most of them sent in by you, my readers, after seeing the first Photobombers post.

Several of these are unsafe for work. On some you definitely need to click the pic for a larger view in order to fully appreciate the shot.

Are some of these Photoshopped? Probably. Do I care? Nope. They're still funny.

Just another way to say, "Get a room!"

Whoa there, Ted Bundy, you're scaring us.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

His goiter looks a lot like Jessica Simpson.

I thought only dudes did that.

Metal sucks!

Does it smell like ass in here to you guys?

George Carlin's ghost loves photobombing.

Dogs love photobombing...

... and so do cats.

You never forget your first Heineken.

Some photobombing is accidental, but still makes an impression.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's brew, dude.

The Captain loves photobombing.

Wow, that's my kind of party.

Many thanks to Gem, Meghan, Greg, Robin, Andres, Stwh20s, Gary, Nikki, Dylan, Charlotte, Amy, Tat42, TheKey, and for the pics.

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Vid Of The Day: Homemade Waterslide

Looks like fun... but I think Mr. Darwin was standing by, ready to give an award. Coolness from the mysterious Chick.


Link Of The Day: Cowbell

From Wendy in CA, a great site that lets you add more cowbell to any song.

Wendy made this one.

Make your own at

I made this one. I find it powerful, yet danceable... a rare combination.

Make your own at

From TotalBlammBlamm

Make your own at

From Seth

Make your own at

From Sheila

Make your own at

From Anonymous

Make your own at

Let's hear yours.

19 Weird/Cool USB Gadgets

(Some more weird than cool, and vice versa. From LOTD reader Craig and I added a few from my own sponsors.)

The plethora of USB ports now offered by today's PCs has spawned an abundance of unusual devices. A small culture of collectors has even emerged around odd USB gadgets, and chances are one of them works in your office, displaying his collection of bizarro devices proudly on his desk.

Here are some of the weirdest and/or coolest examples we've found.

Click any pic to go to product site.

Hand Warmers
Prevents onset of "knuckle chill" when blogging from your under-heated apartment or parents' basement. From USB.Brando (click pic to link).

Disco Ball
This device brings that much-needed dance club atmosphere into your stuffy office by projecting colored lights onto nearby surfaces and spinning. USB foam machine and glow sticks coming soon. From Xoxide (click pic to link)

Pet Tags
Basically just a flash drive with some simple software, this device collects your pet's info in a form that can easily be read by any tech savvy kidnapper or rescuer. From Top Tag (click pic to link).

Star Wars Mimobots (thumb drives)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, some Yoda-brained genius created USB memory sticks resembling some of the greatest characters in the classic Star Wars universe. From Firebox (click pic to link)

Swiss Army Knife
Boy scouts have to be prepared for anything these days. You never know when you'll have to store 2 gigs of data in order to survive out in the wilderness. From Swissbit (click pic to link).

Eye Massager
What used to be a deadly move executed by the Three Stooges is now a tool of comfort for the weary-eyed computer user. Seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. From Global Sources (click pic to link).

USB Heated Blanket
A heating pad nestled inside the soft blanket warms your cockles on those chilly days in front of your PC. From Perpetual Kid (click pic to link).

Desktop Dunk
This mini USB-powered basketball game is based on the hoop-shooting thingamajigs found in fairgrounds and arcades. From Firebox (click pic to link).

A motorized current supposedly creates life-like movements of the plastic fish while a blue LED keeps the magic going in the dark. claims this device provides significant stress-relief while at the computer (click pic to link).

Puppy Cam
Whoever said you have to sacrifice image quality for cuteness is kicking himself right now. This potential nanny-cam has VGA resolution, manual focus and a heart-warming directive embroidered on the side. From USB Geek (click pic to link).

Christmas Tree
Why wait until Christmas? Be annoyed year-round by the blinking lights and monotonous music of the USB X-mas tree. From USB Geek (click pic to link).

Panic Button
Looking at some juvenile, vulgar website at work when the boss approaches? Simply hit the USB Panic Button and relax. This device instantly opens a boring document to conceal your sin (and all those incriminating windows). From Firebox (click pic to link)

Sushi Storage
These decorative flash drives are a crude attempt to satisfy consumers' insatiable appetite for storage. From Dynamism (click pic to link).

iCue Music Mixing Kit
Create your very own pro-standard mixes directly from your PC with this USB-friendly mixing deck - no vinyl required. Scratch and loop to your heart's content with the help of automatic beat detection/matching, waveform display, EQ control and effects processing and more. From Firebox (click pic to link).

Flash Memory Barbie
Though not really a gadget, this is a grim reminder of why you don't let your geeky younger brother near your dolls. From b3ta board (click pic to link).

Plaque is like the spam of oral hygiene, and now you can take care of both at the same while checking your morning e-mail. From Akiba (click pic to link).

VHS Converter
Turn those piles of VHS home movies to digital before the format goes away forever. Just plug into your PC and go. From Firebox (click pic to link)

iAxe USB Guitar
It might look like a top-notch electric guitar with a maple neck, solid body, single-coil pickups with 5-way switching, chrome machine heads and a vintage whammy bar, but it's also a USB-friendly axe that allows you to transform your computer into an amp, effects rack and recording system without any additional hardware. From Firebox (click pic to link).

USB Turntable
Easy conversion of all your vinyl directly to digital computer files. No special cables or adapters needed. From Firebox (click pic to link).

Via Wired

Movie Quote Of The Day

I love this quote from The Karate Kid. It seems to come to my mind often, I suppose because it applies to most things in life.

MIYAGI: Now, ready?

DANIEL: Yeah, I guess so.

MIYAGI: (sighs) Daniel-san, must talk. (They both kneel.) Walk on road, hm? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later (makes squish gesture)... get squish just like grape. Here, karate, same thing. Either you karate do "yes" or karate do "no." You karate do "guess so," (makes squish gesture) just like grape. Understand?

DANIEL: Yeah, I understand.

MIYAGI: Now, ready?

DANIEL: Yeah, I'm ready.

Or, as my grandad used to say, "If you're gonna do it, do it. If not, don't." And then he'd whack me upside the head with a 2x4 to help me remember. I loved that old man.


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