Saturday, August 30, 2008

World's Weirdest Urinals Of The Day

From Spinderfella, who likes to pee. A couple of these are semi-unsafe for work.

Probably at a Hooters

At a brewery. I'd be afraid to drink the beer there after seeing this.

Women's urinal at Texas A&M University.

At a penthouse bar in a Hong Kong skyscraper. They give the illusion that you're peeing down on the city.

International Space Station. Taking a whiz in zero gravity can be a challenge. NASA explains how it is accomplished: "First the user sits down on the toilet, then pulls up the railings and turns them inwards so they are over the legs, holding user to seat. He/she then straps feet to platforms with velcro. User must use hands to direct urine spray into funnel inside toilet (not shown) so that it will not escape."

Airport - Stockholm, Sweden


The two flower urinals above were sculpted by artist Clark Sorensen. Each is created by hand from high fire porcelain, the same material as commercially available fixtures, and takes nearly a year to complete.

Ladies' restroom at Dairy Queen in Port Charlotte, Florida. Notable only for the rare appearance of the She-inal, the odd funnel-like device designed to let women pee standing up like men. The only problem -- unless you like crabs or chlamydia -- was that the device required physical contact between the user and the cup. Links Of The Day

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