Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SNL Classic Clip Of The Day: Compulsion

I know it's a cliché to say I miss Phil Hartman, but I don't care. I miss Phil Hartman.

Vid Of The Day: Entwistle On "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Speaking of The Who and guitars, perhaps you've seen this clip of John Entwistle's isolated bass track on the Who classic. He was pretty good, huh? Jeez. Can you do this on Guitar Hero?


Vid Of The Day: Rush Plays Rush On Guitar Hero

Speaking of Guitar Hero, here's Rush backstage at the Colbert Report, trying to play their own song "Tom Sawyer" on Guitar Hero (or is this Rock Band?). That scrawny little drum set didn't have nearly enough toms for Neil Peart, I assure you.

Link from TheMovieGuru.


Why I Love Teenagers

It's because they know so much. My friend's 19-year-old brother, for example.

ME: What are you listening to?

19YO GENIUS (removes his iPod earplugs): The Who.

ME: Great choice.

19YO GENIUS: You know them?

ME: Yes. They've been around a couple of years.

19YO GENIUS: Cool!

ME: What songs do you like?

19YO GENIUS: I love "Teenage Wasteland."

ME: Oh yeah. Good ol' "Baba O'Riley." A classic.


ME: "Baba O'Riley."

19YO GENIUS: Who's that?

ME: The name of the song.

19YO GENIUS: Which one?

ME: Teenage wasteland. The song is called "Baba O'Riley."

19YO GENIUS: Nuh uh. It's "Teenage Wasteland."

ME (smiling): It should be, I guess, since they say that in the song, but it's called "Baba O'Riley."

19YO GENIUS: I don't think so, dude.

ME: I do.

19YO GENIUS: I have the CD.

ME: Then check out the song titles on the back cover.

19yo GENIUS: No need, man. It's "Teenage Wasteland."

ME (giving up): Ok.

19YO GENIUS (won't let it go): Do you have the CD?

ME: Yes. And I had the 8-track, the LP, and the cassette. All of them say "Baba O'Riley."

19YO GENIUS: Oh. (pauses) Well, I still think it's "Teenage Wasteland."

ME: Ok.

God forbid he start listening to Led Zeppelin and wants to argue about titles.

July Engrish Roundup

Another month of ranguage mangring

Is that like a love-in? (Thanks, Gem, for this one)

A.k.a. Ebola Elmo

The snack needed updating. Thanks for your understanding.

Don't shit on the floor when your head is up your ass

It lubs the rotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

Just like breakfast at Grandma's house

Truth in advertising

Try our nuts! They're salty and deee-licious.

Yeah, man

It's your thang. Do what you wanna do.

Why pretend? We know why you're buying it.

Wow, God is expensive these days.

Just don't let the hockey team see you

I'm guessing he's not a big fan of Melissa Ethridge's "Come To My Window"

Directions, please. Now.

We totally rocked the main door. It was whack.

You can't beat that shit, motherfuckers, so come on in.

Don't fear the cheese

Wow. This is some of the tastiest ass I've ever had.

25 Greatest Action Movies of All Time

From Entertainment Weekly.

25. The Incredibles
24. Lethal Weapon

23. Drunken Master II

22. Predator

21. Spider-Man 2

20. Kill Bill, Vol. 1

19. Goldfinger

18. The Adventures of Robin Hood

17. The Bourne Supremacy

16. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

15. Enter The Dragon

14. Robocop

13. The Wild Bunch

12. The Empire Strikes Back

11. Speed

10. Terminator II: Judgment Day

9. Hard-Boiled

8. Saving Private Ryan

7. Gladiator

6. The Seven Samurai

5. The Matrix

4. The Road Warrior

3. Raiders of The Lost Ark

2. Aliens

1. Die Hard

They got it mostly right, but what about Braveheart? The Warriors? Jaws? Ben-Hur? Back To The Future? All better picks than Predator or Lethal Weapon.


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