Thursday, June 12, 2008

Classy Spam Subject Line Of The Day

What a great pickup line! Too bad I'm married. I could knock 'em dead with a line like that.

"Yo shugah.. how about we get out of here so I can bomb your womb with my huge cannon?"

Cool Inventions Of The Day

Are they real? No idea. Some look it, some don't. Not sure I get the bed one; I guess it's to divide the bed evenly?

From my good pal
Erika B.

Vid Of The Day: Reporter Loves The Country

Reporters are so unflappable. He went from Dan Rather to Snoop Dogg in a matter of nanoseconds.

Difficult Celebrity Name Pronuncations Of The Day

Don't be the dummy who shakes his head and says, "That Lindsay LO-HAN is such a freak... why can't she take a cue from Cate Blan-CHETT." LOTD is here to help.

From The Library of Congress' Pronuncation Guide To Names Of Public Figures, whose authors admit possible errors. I'm pretty sure I found one.

Kim Basinger: "BAY-singer" (as in someone who sings at the bay)

Jacqueline Bisset: "BISS-it"

Cate Blanchett: "BLANCH-it" (not "Blanch-ETT")

Alex Borstein: "BORE-steen"

David Boreanaz: "bor-ee-AH-nuz"

Neve Campbell: "nev"

Billy Crudup: "KROOD-up"

Cary Elwes: "EL-wez", not "yools" or "EL-weez"

Ralph Fiennes: "rayfe fines"

Leif Garrett (like you'll be saying his name anytime soon):"LAYF"

Jake Gyllenhaal: "JILL-en hall"

Mariska Hargitay: "muh-RISH-kuh HARG-uh-tay"

Anne Heche: "haytch"

Famke Janssen: "
FAM-kē JANT-sən" (I challenge this one; I've seen it as "FOM-kuh" in several other places.)

Donna Karan: "KAR-uhn"

Yunjin Kim: "yoon jin"

Heidi Klum: "kloom"

Avril Lavigne: "AVE-rill la-VEEN"

Shia LeBeouf: "SHY-a la-BUFF"

John Lithgow: "LITH-go"

Lindsay Lohan: "LOW-en" (as in Lowenbrau)

Thandie Newton: "TAN-die" (like the crap Radio Shack sells)

Leah Remini: "LEE-uh REM-in-ee"

Liev Schreiber: "lee-EV SHRY-ber"

Martin Scorsese: "score-SES-ee"

Mary Steenbergen: "STEEN-bur-juhn"

Sufjan Stevens: "SOOF-yan"

David Straitharn: "struh-THAIRN"

George Takei: "tuh-KAY"

Charlize Theron: "
shar-LEEZ THER-en"

Rachel Weisz: "VISE"

Vids Of The Day: I Like Turtles

And Thorazine, by the looks of it. Good stuff from Greg in Saskatoon, eh?

Vid Of The Day: Virtual Hula-Hoop Girl

I think I like this Wii dealio.

Shake it but don't break it
Took ya momma nine months to make it


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