Thursday, May 1, 2008

6 Addictive Sites Of The Day

Bubblewrap (from James and Cindy F.)

Farting Dot (turn music off for best effect)

Falling Georgie (I wish this one had sound effects)

Penguin Ball

Free Rice (fun and a good cause)


News Story Of The Day: Commas

Ain't it, the truth?

The Onion

Commas, Turning Up, Everywhere

WASHINGTON—In the midst of a crisis that may have reached a breaking, point Tuesday afternoon, linguists, and grammarians, everywhere say they...


Vid Of The Day: Church

A funny montage of embarrassing church moments from AFHV and Jimmy T. Love that hand slap. Go granny!


Unfortunate Company Logos Of The Day

Some are obvious, some take a moment. Great pics from Willie, Keva and The Courteous Chihuahua.

Oh, why not? You always wanted a girl anyway.

Erected in 1985

Don't let a cold catch you from behind

Any computer who doesn't work will be ejaculated from the premises.

Drop ass here anytime

You'd think they'd be busier

Therapeutic Associates (looks like they cleaned up their logo)

U so horny

The Institute For Oriental Studies (And Buggery) at The University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

You see people. I see boobies.

A Czech sausage maker in the early 1900s, long before subtlety was invented.

We love kids. Every chance we get.

Well, China and the SS do have a lot in common.

Anthony is very excited about his Fall collection

Come get drilled

Ever seen Goatse? (If not, be glad.)

From Princess Pi, the new logo for Britain's Office of Government Commerce.


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