Wednesday, April 16, 2008

14 Things To Expect From "Lost" This Season


Highlights from EW's recent article from the set of "Lost," on what we can expect from the five remaining episodes that will close out this season. Some are direct quotes from the article. (Full article here.)

"Lost" returns next Thursday, April 24th.

(WARNING: pseudo-spoilers ahead.)

1) We find out how the Oceanic 6 left the island

2) We find out why the rest of the Losties were left behind

3) We learn why Sayid becomes a paid assassin for Ben in the future.

4) We find out who is in the coffin

5) A "raging gunfight... will decimate Camp Locke."

6) There is a flash-forward adventure for Ben, "in which his war with British billionaire Charles Widmore over control of the Island will intensify."

7) A major story line will begin for Claire: ''Mysterious things are happening to Claire that set up the next few episodes — and the next few years, too.'' This will hopefully explain why her son Aaron ends up in Kate's care.

8) Expect another flash-forward installment for Jack. ''Jack in the future is a man marked by weakness, but the Jack of the present is strong," explains Matthew Fox. "You're going to understand how he made that transition.''

9) "Fans will also see a new Dharma station called the Orchid — all three levels of it — that might shed more light on the Island's time-warping properties."

10) Hurley will have a run-in with the smoke monster, and "a new dimension of the monster's mercurial nature will also be revealed, per the Lost rule that 'you learn something new about the monster whenever it appears.'''

11) "The last three episodes include only one flashback, which the producers say will be a mythically significant outing for...someone." They aren't saying who, but the money's on Locke.

12) We will revisit Sayid's romance with Iraqi love Nadia.

13) "Peripheral faves like Penelope, ageless Other Richard Alpert, and off-Island mystery man Matthew Abaddon will pop up."

14) The May 22 finale will complicate the Jack-Kate-Sawyer love triangle by featuring ''a spectacular kiss'' and will elaborate on Jack's flash-forward ambition to journey back to the Island. ''This year's finale will sum up exactly how difficult it may be to accomplish that,'' says exec producer Damon Lindelof, who adds this cryptic response to speculation that flash-forwards will vanish once Island present meets off-Island future: ''There could easily be a time when the word flash becomes irrelevant.''

Rob Lowe's New Nanny?

This one won't have to worry about being groped. Still, I dunno about Amy...

They tried to make me change a diaper,
But I said, no, no, no

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80s Music Video Of The Day

That's what I'm talkin' about. And the Solid Gold Dancers, too. Score!

Motivational Poster Of The Day

Just one today, but it's a good one. From Kenneth.

And as long as we have the poster, might as well show the clip. I like to watch it about once a month, at least.


Commercial Of The Day: Nipple

Nasty. But I laughed. Reminded me of seeing Farrah naked in Playboy. Yikes. Talk about smuggling raisins. Hey Farrah.. turkey's done, hun. Easy with those.. you'll put someone's eye out.


Semi-Precious Moments Of The Day

Ha! If Precious Moments figurines make you want to vomit, then this is your lucky day. Great Photoshop work from the readers of

My First Downsizing

Lil' Serial Killer

Look, I Pissed Myself



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