Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sponsor Pimpery Of The Day: Perpetual Kid

Yeah, I'm a whore. One of my best sponsors, The Perpetual Kid, is having a clearance sale, so I wanted to let you know. Informational purposes only. No hard sell here. Feel free not to buy a damn thing... BUT ... they do have fun stuff.. like...

Original Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine (replica)

Bush Bites dog biscuits

Frog/Dog Head oven mitts

Skeleton Keys - key covers

Foot In The Door footstops

The Ex knife holder

... and lots more.

Click below to visit The Perpetual Kid. All proceeds benefit my favorite charity, The Cary Needs To Make This Blog Break Even Foundation. Thanks for your support.


Top 12 Teen Sex Comedies

From Entertainment Weekly. Movies listed in reverse order, with my Boob Grade (1-4 boobs) for each.

Too little funbaggage and too much Johnny Depp man-ass. I bet Hector Elizondo wishes he could have this one back.

Boob Grade:

I could tell you a story about this movie, but my wife would not be happy with me if I did.

Did not see it. I avoid Andrew McCarthy at all costs. But I'm told Virginia Madsen's top pops open, which alone is worth....

I avoided this one in case Shelley Long got nekkid in it.

I only remember two things about this stink-bomb: 1) no boobs; 2) A guy picks up a girl over a game of Galaga, which was lame even back in the 80s (not the game itself, which is way cool).

Not to be confused with, "Hot Dog: The Opera." Never saw it, but new sources tell me it's worth...

Boob Grade:

Lucky bastards. I would have killed for that power... and for Willie Aames' hair.

The same old story: Loser meets girl. Loser loves girl. Girl gets knocked up by Loser's cooler pal, who dumps her. Loser pawns bitchin' hi-fi system to fund girl's abortion. Girl goes right back to pal, leaving Loser with no girl, no cash and no tunes. All that bullshit and not much nudity.

Tons o' nudity, including the sex comedy staple -- and my own personal favorite -- a girls' group shower scene.

Still a great movie despite Darth Cruise.

I love this movie."We've got bush!"

The only choice for #1, and the movie that taught every guy the importance of locking the bathroom door.


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