Sunday, March 23, 2008

Classic Vid Of The Day: White House Easter

Easter wouldn't be complete without this Daily Show classic from a few years back.


Don't Waste Your Money

These suck. I love Butterfinger but these suck. Just your basic crappy chocolate egg and a negligible amount of Butterfinger filling inside. Dad always said, "You're such a disappointment to me," and that's what I would say to these eggs if they could hear.

My sweet wife got her fat husband some of these as an Easter treat, and this is how I repay her. Or ... maybe she knew they were bad, but got them anyway for my Easter treat, knowing I would not eat them and then not get any fatter. She's clever like that.

The Butterfinger Creme Eggs will be half-price tomorrow, but still not worth that. Go with the Reese's Egg. Those rock.

Vid Of The Day: Pakistani AAA


Another good'un from Blong.


Vid Of The Day: Simon Says

Don't miss the moonwalk. Another great find from Harmony, who once ripped both ears off a kid who was picking on her friend and made a charm bracelet out of them.

Babies With Mohawks

From the incomparable Vaniqua.



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