Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Another beer commercial you won't see in the U.S.

Muchas gracias to LOTD fan Vaniqua for the hook-up!

Classic TV Show Open of The Day

The original

Ever see the version with lyrics?

Bad Ideas

Things you should never do. Trust me.

Tell a 5-year-old a month ahead of time that
you're going to Disney World

Flip off a truck full of construction workers

Get your wife a backpack for your first (or any) Christmas together

Order barbecue at a strip club

Believe the seller's disclosure sheet when buying a house

Eat Krystal on a road trip

Give your child a singing doll

Tell a cop, "Fuck you!"

Try to outrun a charging bison

Buy a Dell computer

Let a 4-year-old watch Grease unless you want her singing, "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee/Lousy with virginity" at school.

Try to install your own car stereo

Buy anything on TV or eBay while intoxicated

Try to retrieve something from the unfloored part of your attic

Tell your mother-in-law she should visit more often

Open a radiator cap after driving on the freeway for 4 hours

Believe one word that comes from the mouth of a corporate human resources manager

Own more than two dogs at once unless you live on a farm


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