Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Great moments in local news

I can't stand local news, so this kinda stuff makes me giggle like a stoned 15-year-old.

Just Trying To Work Here (probably staged but we'll pretend it isn't)

Lights, Camera, Concussion

Psycho Kitty 1

Put That On the News, Bitch!

Now You Know How Snowplows Work

Reporter Beat Down

Might Wanna Duck

Drink much?

Questions not to ask a wrestler

Busted! (probably fake, but funny)

A classic: Leprechaun Sighting (I would never have known that sketch was done by an amateur)

Psycho Cat 2: Pinky (ancient, but on the off chance someone has not seen it yet)...

Grape Stomp Face Plant (an internet classic, and the mother of all local news bloopers)


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