Friday, April 20, 2007

Jumping the Shark

We just had a discussion at work about when various TV shows jumped the shark (click for definition), and these are our conclusions.

Happy Days
- when Fonzie jumped the shark - DUH!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - moved to UPN
Friends - Monica and Chandler got together, or when Rachel got pregnant
ER - A fire/tank/helicopter/deadly virus/radiation leak/blackout threatens the ER
Charlie's Angels - Sabrina (Kate Jackson) replaced by Tiffany (Shelley Hack)
Dallas - it was all a bad dream
Fresh Prince - Vivian inexplicably becomes someone else
The Sopranos - Uncle Junior sings - blehhh
The Brady Bunch - Cousin Oliver. Turns out he was a jinx after all.
Roseanne - wins the lottery
Saved By The Bell - leather-clad Tori
Bewitched - Darrin #2
The Andy Griffith Show - color
Laverne & Shirley - moved to California
I Love Lucy - moved to California
All In The Family - Archie's niece Stephanie
The Cosby Show - Olivia (Raven Symone)
Moonlighting - Dave and Maddie hooked up
Cheers - Diane replaced by Rebecca
24 - Dennis Hopper shows up as one of the bad guys (Season One)
Growing Pains - homeless teen Luke (Leo Dicaprio)
Good Times - James dies
Three's Company - Furley replaced Mr. Roper
Family Ties - new sibling Andrew born
Married With Children - adopted Seven
The OC - once everyone on the show had had sex with everyone else
Melrose Place - Kimberly resurrected as a scarred-up, brain-damaged, wig-wearing psycho
NewsRadio - Jon Lovitz replaced Phil Hartman
90210 - Brenda leaves to study abroad
Lost - Nikki and Paolo start having dialogue
Mary Tyler Moore Show - Mary moves to a new swingin' 70s apartment
Alf - Episode 1
Mork & Mindy - Mearth (Jonathan Winters)
Seinfeld - never jumped
Newhart - never jumped

Agree/disagree? Got any shows to add? HIT ME.

What about these shows - have they jumped? If so, when?

Grey's Anatomy?
The Office?
My Name Is Earl?
The Simpsons?
The Gilmore Girls?
According to Jim?
Desperate Housewives?
King of the Hill?
Three And A Half Men?


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