Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Commercial of The Day


America's Best Cities

A special report from Travel & Leisure magazine (read the full article here)

We asked — and America has spoken.

Earlier this year, and CNN Headline News polled travelers and residents on what they like (and don't like) about 25 top urban destinations in the U.S. Turns out that people have some pretty strong feelings about New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and other hot spots — we received nearly 60,000 responses.


All-Around Place to Visit
Top 3: San Diego (yes!), Honolulu (yes!), San Francisco (yes!)
Bottom 3: Atlanta (Wha? We have Stone Mountain. It has a laser show!), Washington, D.C., Dallas

People (overall)
Top 3: San Francisco, Austin, Seattle
Bottom 3: Philadelphia (Why, is the world still miffed about that whole booing Santa Claus thing?), Phoenix, Dallas

Top 3: Chicago, New Orleans, Austin (must've been that new Ruby Tuesday's that pushed them over the top.)
Bottom 3: Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Santa Fe

Attractive People
Top 3: Miami, San Diego, Charleston (At this point I will ask how the hell Charleston was even included in this survey.)
Bottom 3: Dallas (Pam Ewing on "Dallas" was attractive, no?), Washington, D.C., Philadelphia

Top 3: New York, Charleston (Huh? Maybe if you collect rebel flags), Chicago
Bottom 3: Washington, D.C., Las Vegas (Wrong. Vegas has the best selection of hookers in the world!), Orlando (Oh, we shopped in Orlando. I had to get a new wallet after that trip. The old one got worn out.)

Top 3: Charleston, New Orleans (rudest place I've ever been), Minneapolis
Bottom 3: Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles

Intelligent People
Top 3: Seattle (how smart is it to live in a city where it rains half the year), Minneapolis, Boston
Bottom 3: Miami, Las Vegas (Wrong. Try learning craps.), Los Angeles

Fun People
Top 3: New Orleans (drunk = fun?), Austin (overrated), Honolulu
Bottom 3: Phoenix (dodging Rascals isn't fun?), Dallas, Washington, D.C. (dodging bullets isn't fun?)

Personal Style
Top 3: New York, Miami, San Francisco
Bottom 3: Orlando (Mickey Mouse ears aren't stylish?), Philadelphia, San Antonio

Top 3: New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago
Bottom 3: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orlando

Top 3: Minneapolis/St. Paul (only because trash freezes and disintegrates in mid-air), Portland (rain washes all the dirt away), San Diego
Bottom 3: New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans (Well, yeah, see, they had a slight flooding problem.)

Top 3: San Diego, Honolulu, Santa Fe
Bottom 3: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Boston, Chicago

Top 3: New York (Yep, every kind of freak you can imagine), San Francisco, New Orleans
Bottom 3: Nashville (Oh come on, Nashville is diverse! They have country AND western!), Phoenix, Dallas

Wild Weekend
Top 3: New Orleans (Oh it's wild. Carjackings are a hoot.), Las Vegas, Miami
Bottom 3: Dallas, Washington, D.C., Santa Fe (They've obviously never been to happy hour at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. It gets pretty nutty there sometimes.)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Classic SNL Video Of The Day

Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond in a hilarious spoof of VH1's Storytellers... with one short interruption from sleep-inducing Lorne Michaels.

Best?/Worst? Halloween Cards Ever

And these were the nicer ones. I had to censor the last one a little.

Strange Sights on Google Earth

From PC World (
link to original article). Click on any photo for a larger view.

Dubbed The Badlands Guardian by locals, this geological marvel (Google Earth coordinates 50.010083,-110.113006) in Alberta, Canada, bears an uncanny resemblance to a human head wearing a full Native American headdress--and earphones, to boot. Of course, The Guardian was produced naturally. For a more synthetic wonder that can be truly appreciated only from above, check out the giant man-shaped lake (-21.805149,-49.089977) near Bauru, Brazil.

Finding huge and unique things via Google Earth is one of the most popular activities within the Google Earth community. This giant pink bunny (Google Earth coordinates 44.244273,7.769737) in Prata Nevoso, Italy, was built by a group of artists from Vienna, according to published accounts. It's 200 feet long and answers to the name "Hare."

Without a doubt, the best thing that ever happened to crop circles is Google Earth. This circle in the desert just outside Beatty, Nevada (Google Earth coordinates 37.401437,-116.86773), is one of hundreds spotted with the software. If you're hoping that looking at enough crop circles will give you clues about the arrival of our alien overlords, download this set of Placemarks to crop circles.

As if Oprah Winfrey's celebrity weren't big enough already, an Arizona farmer built a 10-acre homage to the talk show host (Google Earth coordinates 33.225488,-111.5955). Visitors can tell their friends, "I got lost inside Oprah's head." The celebrity-obsessed can also visit Google Earth Hacks, which has a Google Earth-style map of Hollywood stars' homes.

If you're in the intelligence business, Google Earth makes hiding big things nearly impossible. This image is believed to be of a 1.8-square-mile scale model of a disputed region on the border of China and India. Google Earth spotters found it in a remote area in north central China (Google Earth coordinates 38.265652,105.9517). One theory on why this model exists comes from the Australian publication The Age, which reported that the scale model is used to train tank drivers.

Spend enough time on Google Earth, and you start thinking that the world is a pretty low-resolution place. But Google Earth is steadily updating its maps with high-resolution pictures. Zoom in on this Google Earth satellite shot of Australia's Bondi Beach (Google Earth coordinates -33.892351,151.27538), and you can almost read the designer labels on the bikinis.

National Geographic partnered with Google Earth on a project called Africa Megaflyover. The magazine has made more than 500 high-resolution images accessible through Google Earth, including this close-up view (Google Earth coordinates 15.298693,19.429661) of camels and their caretakers taking a water break in Nigeria.

Think parking is tough where you live? In Westenbergstraat, Netherlands, drivers apparently have to park on the sides of walls (Google Earth coordinates 52.069207,4.3139865).

Google's satellites sometimes catch the Earth's inhabitants on the move, like these ten African elephants (Google Earth coordinates 10.903497,19.93229).

Nothing can replace hopping in a plane and going somewhere, but Google Earth gives you a small taste of what you might see when you visit some of the world's tourist destinations. This spectacular shot shows Victoria Falls (Google Earth coordinates -17.925511,25.858223) on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Other virtual destinations worth flying over are Mt. Everest (27.985866,86.92844) and Mt. Kilimanjaro (-3.0726042,37.343093).

Google Earth doesn't have advertising, unless you consider the corporate logos and trademarks big enough to be seen from space. This giant Ford logo (Google Earth coordinates 42.302284,-83.231215) is found near (where else?) Detroit, Michigan. You think that's big? Check out the massive Coca-Cola logo (-18.529225,-70.25002) etched into a hillside in Chile with 70,000 Coke bottles. Haven't they heard of recycling?

The unblinking eyes of the satellites record not only human achievements, but our less successful moments as well. One example is this huge ship (Google Earth coordinates 30.541634,47.825445) floating on its side after a maritime accident in the waters of Basrah, Iraq.

Sometimes Google Earth is lucky enough to catch things as they happen. Here Google Earth captures a truck that crashed (Google Earth coordinates 46.765669,-100.79274) outside of Bismarck, North Dakota. In another instance, Google Earth caught fishermen illegally bottom-trawling (28.102512,-14.265835) beaches near Spain's Canary Islands.

Some of the sights you find in Google Earth are just plain mysterious. For example, why is a fighter jet parked (Google Earth coordinates 48.825183,2.1985795) in what looks to be a residential neighborhood lot near Paris? And why is this lake in Iraq (33.39845000,44.48416800) blood red?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Genius Of The Day

Paging Mr. Darwin...

Pregnant Celebrity Rack Of The Day

I see melons are back in season.

Brought to you by ...

Music Video Of The Day - It's Business Time

Good stuff from new LOTD reader Becca and The Conchords.

Classic Music Video Of The Day

LOTD reader Buff was so delighted with yesterday's Dr. Hook video that he sent along another fine performance from them. The band's original name was Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, and after watching this, you'll understand the medicine part.

Great song, though, and written by Shel Silverstein, author of The Giving Tree and Where The Sidewalk Ends.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Music Video Of The Day - Be Good Or Be Gone

I like this. Such a simple idea but it works. The artist is an Irish singer-songwriter named Fionn Regan.

Badass Insects Of The Day

All contain animal-on-animal violence.

This just in: the praying mantis is one bad mofo.

Hornets vs. Bees - this one is a bit long, but absolutely amazing. I have no idea how they got some of this footage.

Revenge Of The Bees - you know what they say about paybacks...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weatherman Of The Day

A fine vid from LOTD booster, Jimmy T.


Why Pets Hate Halloween

You've seen the e-mails; now here's the list. Many thanks to Spinderfella, Willie, Heder and Miellyn for these. The first three are my favorites.

And a special Star Wars Wing...

LOTD reader Erika sends these pics of her dogs Cash and Jamba in their costumes.

And Miellyn adds this hilarious pic to the mix...


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