Thursday, March 5, 2015

Photos That Completely Capture The '90s (Of The Day)

From Buzzfeed.

Will Smith, Urkel, and Reggie Miller

Young Ryan Gosling in Bop magazine.

'N Sync

Kurt, Courtney, Sassy

Reverse triple-pleated pants

You've got dial-up!

Surf wear

Saved By The Bell. Where's Belding?

The Olsen Twins and round, shaded glasses

Prom 1994, with the obligatory goth dude

Little Leo

Shitty gadgets

Breckin Meyer

Early Destiny's Child

Windows sucks. Then and now.

Crappy daytime TV, guys with dumb nicknames, and "mack daddies."

Arsenio and Bill

Laser portraits

Lilith Fair

Wrestlemania and Jonathan Taylor-Thomas

More at Buzzfeed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Dildo Mobile

No, it's not a car. I was hoping for a car.
best of craigslist > palm springs >

Dildo mobile

This mobile was created by me after a tenant who I had to evict after 6 months of not paying rent left behind 10 dildos I was determined to do SOMETHING with them hence this dildo mobile.

My present landlord where I live now says "it's got to go out of the common garage area" it's to large for my room.


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